Sunday, May 11, 2008

Smallest Body Builder in The World

Apparently physical not an obstacle when someone want to be like what he dream of. This was proven by a MINI MAN from Phagwara, India, named ROMEO DEV.

"Muscular, had 80 cm height and 9 kg weight, Romeo Dev, could lift barbel weighing 1.5 kg and was recorded as the smallest body builder in the world."

Romeo very famous in his native village of Phagwara, India. Every day, the enthusiastic resident watch Romeo carrying out the weightlifting exercise in one local gym.

Although mini in size, Romeo body was classify as proportional because had 15 inch head diameter with 20 inch shoulder measurement.

"I practiced as a body builder since the last 2 years and now I think that I was the strongest dwarf in the world", said Romeo.

"Although a dwarf, that not an obstacle for me. Apart from body building, I also practice to dance and aerobic. People were very happy to see me.", he added again.

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