Monday, May 12, 2008

Throw Away Negative Aura

Anyone has aura, namely a field of luminous multicolored radiation around a person or object. There is bad aura and also that enchant. But don't be discourage if by chance you don't have an enchanted aura. Because, aura could be change to became positive. But must carry out several efforts so that the available potential could be blast out.

Enchanted aura, could have a contribution to change someones fate. Positive aura will broadcast charisma, spirit and fun. Its influence not fear, but precisely invite respect, amaze and love from other person.

Think positive was a foundation to jack up someone enchanted aura. To the subconscious strength to undergo a better life. A person become more authoritative and was honored. Like a clean and pure power of nature. Overcome revenge and angry like a hermit.

Aura was a physical manifestation. Where the spirit of each kind of person that radiate a light around their body with colors that changes every time in accordance with someone spirits situation. When someone control the knowledge about aura, they can know what kind of person they are. Did they tell lies or not. Moreover with this knowledge can detect someone psychological condition.

Saw an aura was the first step to enter a wider world, that is an awareness that could increase and overcome various disturbances of the illness. For example, one of the body organs experience a disturbance. After studying this knowledge you could know it through the light that was visible from the organ that was sick. Then, how we could see this aura?

Ask someone to stand in a distance approximately 60 centimeter in front of a white background. Afterwards ask this person to relax and deep breathing in. To could see aura, need a distance for 2,5 meter and a room light might not be too bright or was focus directly to their organ.

The best light was natural light. Next how to see aura, was to focus your concentration to the wall behind this person. With see through the head in the area of the shoulder.

During gaze at pass the body line, with very fast will see a white or silver cover bolted that surround the persons body. The aura that was seen was called etheric aura. Its location was adjacent to the body and was white or silver with a half centimeter thick. Aura color, had a certain emotional characteristics. Purple, for example, was a success spiritual achievement level, the Gods relations and mystique. Was located in the pituitary gland.

Indigo color as the appearance of a deep policy, artistic, self control and one with nature. Was located in the pineal gland or forehead. Blue, had a strong mind, intelligence and a thinker. Dark blue, was a suspicious characteristics. Was located in the brain. Green, balance, harmony, recuperation and easy to adapt.

Dark green, was full of deceit, cunning. Was located in the neck. Yellow, affection, kind, care and optimist. Dark yellow, suspicious and greed. Was located in the heart.
Orange, energy and body health, were related with illness and low physical vitality. Dark orange, showed low intelligence. Was located in the stomach and the spleen. Red, the physical life, ambition and was full of lust. Dark red, cruel and was full of desire.

Pink, love for nothing, gentle heart, good manners. Was located under the navel. Brown, stingy, selfish and egoist. Grey, depression, low energy and fear. Black, dishonest and meant bad. Silver, high energy and very useful. Gold, noble and high spiritual achievement.

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