Wednesday, May 7, 2008

US$ 2 Billion House

Don't be surprise. Imagine, an Indian billionaire make a 27 floor house, and spent US$ 2 billion.

A 27 floors building in Mumbai City it was reported will become the most big and expensive house in the world.

Its owner was Mukesh Ambani, a president director of petrochemical company Reliance Industries. He was the 5th richest person in the world. According to Forbes, the Ambani net assets around 43 billion dollar last March. The couple had three children. At this time, they live in the 22 multi-storied building in Mumbai.

Ambani new house was called Antilla. The development of the skyscraper that face the Arabian Sea was estimate to finished in January 2009. Its building reach 167 meter high, and the area of all the room around 122.000 square meter.

Forbes reported, the development cost of the Ambani house far more bigger than a hotel or similar building. Because, Ambani use the measurement, layout, and special material that he ordered personally.

A hotel or condominium had the same layout on each floors. A hotel always use material or component like the door knob, light, that was similar for each floors. However the Ambani house wasn't like it. Respectively each floor was design differently, both in the layout, material, and measurement.

At the request of his wife, Nita Ambani, if a design of metal, wood or crystal was use on the 9th floor, then material that might not be use for the other floor. Although not having a repetition, the house continue to show consistency in the style of architecture.

The idea of the development emerge when Nita Ambani relaxed in the Mandarin Oriental New York in 2005. She admire the design of the interior of the place that was stylish of Asia contemporary.

Afterwards with her husband, she consult with an architecture firm Perkins+Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. The company that design the Mandarin Oriental.

The Antilla form in fact was based on Vaastu, some kind of Feng Shui. According to the Vaastu calculation, the house could channel positive energy if the material placing, space arrangement, and the object regulation were carried out correctly.

Forbes reported, the highest floor was made as a parking lot. While main residential space was from the lobby that was equip by nine elevators. The house was supplemented with several warehouses and a place to relax.

Moreover, there was dance room that 80% of it were decorated with crystal light. A few LCD monitor, speaker, and a stage. From that room you can go to a bar, park, make up room, security room, and assistant room.

To maintain the air freshness, the Ambani family could enjoy beauty of the garden that was made four floors. Several highest floors were drafted for the Ambani to serve their business colleague or to relax. From that floor, the guests could enjoy Arabian Sea scenery.

The Ambani said, the interior of the house featured the Indian culture. Around 85% material and manpower came from India. However the Indian culture elements would blend with the contemporary architecture element.

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