Monday, May 5, 2008

Weird Environment Friendly Motorcycle

This motorcycle was possibly seen as one of the most dangerous in the world, but in fact it's on the contrary. This motorcycle in fact possibly could rescue your life. How come?

'Uno' was an electric motorcycle that was invented by Ben Gulak, a man from Canada that just was 18 years old, that all of its movements were control by body movement.

The machine need several years for development, in fact had two wheels on both side and used a gyroscopic technology to make it stay balance. It was involve in following the slope of the driver body, the more you bow the faster it would be.

According to Ben, it could help reduce pollution. This what became Ben's main aim because he inspired to made this vehicle when visiting China and seeing so many pollution there.

"This motorcycle in fact was easy to drive, but need a little time to adjust because you must learn to trust it", said Ben Gulak.

This motorcycle could up to 25mph (40kmph), but the speed could be increase by using a bigger engine. Ben at this time looking for an investor to help produce this environment friendly motorcycle. Who's interested?

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