Saturday, May 17, 2008

Werewolf From India

Were wolf not only in a movie. But this is not a man that change to wolf in the night.

Pruthviraj Patil was an adolescent with 11 years old that suffers a rare illness called 'Werewolf Syndrome', where his face and body were covered with 3 inch hair(around 7,6 cm).

This Indian boy really want to find the cure to cure this rare genetic illness that only spread in one from one billion people. Because anywhere he went, people always gaze at and mock him.

Actually, Pruthviraj have several times underwent medication like Ailopathy, Homiopathy and Ayurveda, in fact recently he also underwent laser. Unfortunately, was not yet any of this method could eliminate hairs that grew on his body.

Only had 50 people all over the world that was known suffered this hypertrichosis congenital illness , that cause hair to grow all over the body and face.

When Pruthviraj was born, the villagers inform his mother that he gave birth to a god. Others said, this child was a supernatural creature and evil.

Although his face and body were covered with hair and was acknowledged as 'Werewolf ', Pruthviraj continue to undergo a normal life. This adolescent that likes to play cricket was healthy and had a sharp memory in remembering the lesson in the school.

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