Sunday, June 1, 2008

5 Food Myth

Sugar Caused Diabetes
If you have diabetes, you must pay attention to sugar and carbohydrate to manage your glucose level. If your not, sugar didn't cause diabetes. The truth were, high calorie food, including often to drink and eat sweet food, obesity, and never do sport were the main risk factor that cause type 2 diabetes.

All Fat Are Bad
All of us need fat because fat help the absorption of vitamin A, D, E, K, nerves transmission, and maintain the cell membrane integrity. However, when being consume abundantly, fat cause weight increase, heart disease, and cancer. Of course not all fat are bad. Choose good fat that was known as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. This kind of fat can be found in fish and peanut.

Lower Your Cholesterol With No Seafood
The truth was to consume seafood in a natural number because it indeed contain cholesterol. The level of cholesterol in the body most was influence by saturated fat and trans fatty acid. Both was contained in red meat and whim packaged food. Trans fatty acid was contained in snack, fried food, or margarine that contained hydro genated oil.

Avoid Carbohydrate To Loose Weight
The main message low carbohydrate diet was carbohydrate speed up insulin production that will increase the weight. However, limit it excessively could make the lack of carbohydrate for daily activity. As a result, the body will burn carbohydrate reserve for energy, by releasing water. That was the reason you lost much liquid when doing low carbohydrate diet.

Not To Have Dinner Help Lowered Your Weight
Many people think, ate fewer means to speed up the weight loss. They didn't know, when not eating, the body think we were hungry and consequently slow down the metabolism process. We tend to eat many after passing eating time. Therefore, should not pass your eating time. The healthy method was to eat often but in a small portion to stabilize the glucose.

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