Thursday, June 5, 2008

6012 Seats Restaurant

Syria that until now admit to having the most delicious food in the world, currently also could claim as a country with the biggest restaurant in the world.

The Damascus Gate restaurant that has 6012 seats currently seize the achievement that
beforehand was held by a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand that serve 5000 visitors.

The important test for the Guinness World Record officials was all the tables and the visitor was served well, and they mention the restaurant kitchen in Damascus was similar like a "small factory".

But a restaurant that took place in Bawabet Dimashq, an area in the Damascus capital outskirts, didn't serve an alcoholic drink.

The Damascus Gate that has served the food lover since 2002, had a wide open place, complete with a swimming pool, fountain and the imitation of archeology ruins, as well as the area was separate for Chinese or India cooking.

In the summer around 1800 staffs work in the Damascus Gate to serve the guest in the dining room measuring 54000 square meter and kitchen measuring 2500 square meter.

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