Monday, June 9, 2008

$6100 WaterMelon

A big black watermelon that was auctioned in Japan reach the sale record with a value of $6100 on Friday June 06 2008.

The watermelon become the most expensive watermelon that had been sold in Japan and even possibly all over the world.

"This was the most expensive price for a Densuke watermelon and possibly was the most expensive watermelon in the history of Japan", said Kazuyoshi Ohira, the Tohma Agricultural Cooperative spokesman, the watermelon developer company.

The 7,7 kg Densuke watermelon was bought by a dealer that want to support local agriculture.

What is the special of the black watermelon? It skin was black, a very unusual color. But the fruit was hard enough and crispy, and nothing could compete with it delicious taste.

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