Sunday, June 8, 2008

9 Facts About Dream

A dream was a communication between our body, thoughts and spirit. Did you know in fact all the time we dreamed although when we still awake, only the process take place in our subconscious. Along several interesting facts about dream:

Even The Blind Have Dreams
Someone who was born blind in their dream did not see any images but they dream about voices, touch and emotions they felt. Indeed was difficult for a normal person to could understand, but the body wish to sleep and dream so strong so as to be able to overcome all the physical obstacle.

You Will Forget 90% Of Your Dream
About 5 minutes after you wake up you will immediately forget 50% of your dream, 10 minutes afterwards 90% of your dream plot will be forgotten. The famous poetry writer Samuel Taylor Coleridge wake up after getting a wonderful dream, he immediately write it down to describe his dream, after write 54 lines someone come to visit. After a few time Samuel meant to completed his poetry, but he can't remember the dream. His poetry hadn't been finished. It entitled "Kubla Khan" and became one of the famous poetry in England. Robert Louis Stevenson (the writer of Doctor Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde book) and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein get the idea from their dream.

Everyone Have Dream
Every one have dream (except in several cases of serious mental instability) but a man and a woman have difference in dream and physical reaction. A man tended to dream about other man whereas woman dream tended to be balance about other man or woman.

Dream Prevent Emotion Disturbance
In a research concerning about sleep recently, a person who was arouse at the beginning of the dream but continue to be permitted to sleep 8 hours a day, after 3 days lost concentration, more temper, and hallucination and other signs emotion disturbance. So you should not often stay up all night cause you could lost your sanity.

Outside Stimulation Effect Our Dream
Called Dream Incorporation and you must have experience it. Like this, we feel thirsty then we drink a bottle of water but we still thirst and finally when we get up we just realize if we are thirsty.

We Only Dreams About What We Knew
We often dream in a foreign place and meet with people we don't know. But in fact our brain not originally create that, actually we had seen it but we unable to remember it. Maybe you have dream pursued by a foreigner with a knife who wanted to kill you but possibly in the real life the person was a friend of your father who met in mall when you still 5 years old! We have seen hundreds of thousands faces and places, the experts believe if our brain memory had an extraordinary capacity to embroider all that, so our brain will not have run out of the "actor and setting" that would replayed in our dream!

Dream Not Like What Have Seen
What we see in dreams actually was a symbol from other thing. Our brain is so creative we asleep, it will delve our memory database deeply until we often astonishment with our strange dream (in fact all of them from all our experience).

Not Everyone Have a Colorful Dream
According to a research 12% of normal person their dream was always black and white others have a colorful dream (just like a television huh).

More Information:
  1. When you snore you were not dreaming.
  2. When you wake up when the sleep phase achieved REM (Randon Eye Movement) stage, often our dream will be felt more realistic than if we get up after have a good night sleep.
  3. A baby didn't dream about himself until around 3 years old. But from their 3 to 8 years will often get a bad dream. That's why babies often cry after wake up.

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