Wednesday, June 11, 2008

9 Techniques To Think Positive

For most of us, negative thinking has possibly become a part of our life. When something inapplicable with the plan, we easily depress and could not see the good side from it.

Negative ideas didn't bring everywhere, except for making a worse feeling, that will make disappointed performance. This could become an endless cycle.

Jessica Padykula suggest nine techniques to prevent and overcome negative thinking as follows:

Live In The Moment
Thinking about the past or the future was a matter that often made us concern. It's so rare we panic about incident that happen now. If your thoughts isolated in what happened or what did not yet happen, remember that only now we could control.

Say Positive Thing To Yourself
Said to yourself that you were strong, you are capable. Said this thing continually and everytime. Especially, began the day by saying positive things about yourself and the day, didn't care if on that day you must take a difficult decision or trust what you just said.

Believe In The Positive Thinking Power
If you think positive, positive things will come and difficulties will be felt lighter. On the other hand, if you think negative, negative things will strike you. This was the universal law, just like the gravitation. Will not be easy to change your thinking pattern, but the efforts were comparable with the results you could achieve.

Don't Be Silent
Investigate what made you think negative, improve, and move forward. If this thing could not be improve, stop complaining and regret because that will only your spend time and energy, and also made you feel worse. Take it with open, get the a lesson from it, and again move forward.

Focus To Positive Things
When we think negative, often we forget what we have and focus in what we don't have. Made a grateful journal. The time doesn't matter, daily write six positive things that happen on that day. The positive things could big or small matter like 'today is nice' or 'tonight dinner was amazing'. While you stay consistent to do it, this could change your negative thinking into a positive thinking. And when you began to think negative, read that journal.

Get A Move On
Work out release endorphin that could make better feeling. Whether around the block or run ten kilometer, physical activity will make you feel better. When you felt down, 15 minute sport could make you feel better.

Face Your Fear
Negative thinking emerge from fear, more frighten to life, increasingly negative thinking in yourself. If you were scared of something, do it. Fear was a part of our life but we have a choice to not allow the fear to stop us.

Try New Things
Try new things also could increase your self confidence. By saying yes to your life open more opportunities to grow. Avoid 'yes, but..'. New experince, small or big, made the life felt more pleasant and useful.

Change Your Point of View
When something didn't go well, find a way to see this matter from more positive point of view. In each challenge there was a good side, in each good side there's a challenge.

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