Thursday, June 5, 2008

Any Shape And Foldable Computer

Bored with the standard shape of computer? Not for long a computer with any shape and can be fold to put in your pocket will arrive.

The presence of this revolutionary computer was predict by the experts in Canada. According to professor Roel Vertegaal from Queen University Computing, the future computer eventually not only will have a flexible shape but also could respond to touch directly.

Moreover, this computer could fold just like a paper, so to be able to put in the pocket.

The computer development like this was hoped could make the interaction between human and machine become more natural. "Until now had never been this kind of technology, that combine high resolution display with flexible shape," stated Vertegaal.

The development direction of the future computer was also being develop by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft had exhibited it, that have a shape like a table and fully operated with touch.

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