Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buddhist Festival

A 108 meter long diorama was one of the attractions of Buddhist Festival in Surabaya Supermal Convention Center (SSCC) on Thursday, June 25, 2008.

The diorama was divided into 45 section, told a story Sidharta Gautama life until finally become a Buddha. The last diorama was a statue of 23 meter long Reclining Buddha, the longest and biggest in Indonesia. Not only equipped with setting and various characters, each diorama part have a short narration.

"The narration in two language, Indonesian and English," explained Indarto, the event concept designer.

The making of the diorama character have to follow certain rules. Especially for the Buddha. For example, the proportion between the head, hands, and body. The consultant was Lama Wang Chuk from Bhutan and Lama Samten from Nepal.

Nevertheless, the two Lama didn't work alone. They were helped by volunteer from local Vihara (Buddhist place to do religious service). There were approximately 300 characters for this diorama. Made from paper clay, the character was finished in three months.

The climax story of the diorama was during Buddha Parinibhana, that is Buddha left this perishable world towards Nibbana or Nirvana. When Parinibhana, the Buddha reclining.

Because that was the peak, the Reclining Buddha statue was placed in the center of the room. The area around the Buddha statue become a location to place various artifact a history legacy from Buddhism. One of them was six languages Tripitaka and electronics Tripitaka.

The festival has been held twice. First in 2003. The different from five last year, said Indarto, this year festival was made in more detail and more for art.

"In the previous festival, the story of Buddha we only perform it by relief. Now has been made in a form of diorama. And, the reclining statue was made more big and better," Indarto added.

"From here, we will organize a similar festival in Makassar, Jakarta, Medan, and Bali," he explained.

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