Monday, June 2, 2008

Cyber Attack

At least had three new generation cyber attack that will threat internet user. What kind of attack is that?

These new generation attacks were forecast by the analyst foremost Gartner agency. The attack happen because increasingly the use of popular technology in the corporate environment.

Along was the cyber attack that was forecast by Gartner:
  1. The attack to the software service provider. At this time increasingly many companies that made use of software for service that was provide by the third party through the internet network. The cyber criminal has begun to aim its attack to this kind of service provider.
  2. The attack via the social networking. This type of attack will increase with so many worker use social networking website. The aggressor will pretend to become 'friend' in Facebook or Friendster, afterwards they will trap their casualties. For example Alicia Keys MySpace page embedded by virus.
  3. The attack via widget and gadget. The use of mini application (widgets), that often was obtain in a social networking, it was predicted will open a cyber attack opportunity. The cyber criminal would embed certain widget that was interesting for casualties but secretly contain threat.
Apart from the three attacks, Gartner also forecast increasingly the number of attacks in the virtual server environment and wireless network.

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