Monday, June 2, 2008

Can I Be Trust?

In this life we as a social people always make a relationship with other people, including in gaining success we need other people. One of them, if we want to success as a businessman, we need other people, for example the investor. If we want to success in career, certainly we need a boss and workmate existence, or if we want the success in love relationship then we must maintain trust. Trust was the strength of "attraction" that was extraordinary to invite opportunity to had transaction.

If seeing an explanation of a marketing experts, transaction was the real short term target that was reach by two way agreement. This transaction essentially not only do by traders or businessman, but by everyone that want to do business, including in working and our social life.

Although we have been expert in certain field, but if no one trusted our expertise, the expertise benefit still hasn't do a lot for us. Possibly on this basis George MacDonald had said: "Trust was bigger compare with love."

Success could be affected by other people trust. Fewer people who trust us, there will be narrower way for us in gaining success. How will people invest their money if they didn't trust us. How will we get a high position if our superior didn't trust us. How we could be loved if our couple couldn't trust us.

There were two factors that influence other people to trust us, that were belief in our honesty and belief in our capability. Therefore, if we want success we must could maintain other people belief in our honesty, don't ever betrayed, because this will damage others belief.

Maintain others belief, because it was important, even very important. Belief was really valuable, so expensive, and priceless. But if others could believe in us then we are priceless.

Belief can reduce so many potential problem in human relations. Relations I meant here could any kind of relation, business, profession, household, friendship and other. Like we experienced, our relations with others not only become a solution. Occasionally also become a problem source. The problem are difficulty, dilemma, and mystery. The main thing is, all kind of problem could be said countless, and belief could reduce the available problem.

There were three matters that often become the belief vandal.
  1. Could not commitment
  2. Lack of skill or expertise
  3. The habit that violate the truth
Having a habit against the truth that was agreed to by religions, laws, etc as well as had the habit idolised "your own truth" that oppose the truth, also could damage the belief. In business or work we often found a person more believe other person better than their own descendants because of a mistake that they do. In love, definitely a person more love their own descendants, but in believe, that was another deal.

Review about trust we could took example from our leader, why a person was chosen to be a leader, the answer is because this person could be trust, if a person already cannot be trust all of their action will always become wrong, although he do something right or good.

How to increase trust
  1. Always maintain honesty and self integrity
  2. Always keep a commitment or promises
  3. Increase your capability and knowledge

Then how gain back trust that faded or was lost, returning trust not a simple matter, that was necessary was to show our seriousness in changing ourself, after that don't made the same mistake twice. Tell it to yourself and the person that we want to gain their trust that I want to be trust again, and we must prove seriousness of our promise and words in a long time as well as was needed sincere intention of returning the trust.

It was clear that trust was the motor of business motivator. Then what is the key to develop trust? It just one: closeness. However this closeness had three points, that is physical closeness, intellectual and emotional closeness. So if you want to success be a person that can be trust.

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