Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cellphone Radiation Effect

For a pregnant woman, be better to reduce using a cellphone. Because it could cause your baby to become emotional.

A research to 13000 children in a school age by the University of California, United States (UCLA) researcher was proven that a child who was born from a mother who often use a cellphone in her pregnancy behave so hyperactive and difficult to control their emotions. Moreover these children also have a difficulty in socialize with friends.

From the research found that 54% of these children was born from a mother who often use a cellphone during their pregnancy.

80% of these children suffer behavior disturbance. 25% have a difficulty in controlling their emotions, 34% have a difficulty to socialize and 35% hyperactive.

This happens because the radiation from the cellphone cause a disturbance in the embryo biological growth during pregnancy. So it was suggested for the mothers to reduce using a cellphone during pregnancy.

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Cora Bullock said...

The excessive use of cellphones does have negative side effects, especially to pregnant women. Pregnant women should avoid using cellphones, and keeping their babies safe inside their womb should be more than enough reason to do just that.

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