Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clothes Color Describe Who You Are

When someone wearing a clothes, the important things was color and design to looks perfect and stylish. Actually color can represent other meaning that we didn't realize become a guide to dress. To find out, be better to observe few color option that can describe your mood.

Neutral color, light, bright and clean. In fashion world white usually can make the wearer feels cooler, calm, and symbolize innocent and pureness. White too can have a meaning like thin, transparent, and easy to dirty.

Black means dark, sad and absorb light. In fashion world, black is stylish and timeless. Sometimes become a mainstay to conceal the body shape. Black reflecting power and grace. No wonder every women have a black dress.

This color was a symbol of affection and passion. Red also a color that full of emotion. Have challenging characteristic but attractive. In fashion, red was chosen if the wearer want to attract attention. With out saying a word, someone that wear red clothing just like shouting "Hey, look at me !!!!". However red can make someone looks big and it was believe could increase your appetite.

This color reflect feminine, softness and romantic. Because pink can channel positive energy to the wearer so can make relax feeling.

Often this color called the widow color, but purple represented luxury, nobel, rich and greatness. Beside that this color represent power, feminine and romantic. Usually an independent women choose purple in her dress collection

This color symbolize a calm and fresh nature. This color become one from many choice if someone want to looks fresh and enthusiastic. A research even suggest to have plant on every work desk. This refer to the meaning of green. Beside that green reflected wealth and masculine. So no wonder men like dark green.

This color was hard to identified by the eyes because to bright and hurt the eye. But this color was cheerful and positive that is to increase concentration and metabolism.

This color represent the ground and nature. Brown was calm, independent and trust. For most independent men, they tend to choose this color to identified they look.

So, what color is your favorite?

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