Friday, June 6, 2008

Creepiest Place In The World

Bermuda Triangle
Hearing the Bermuda Triangle name certainly everyone knew this place eeriness. The loss mystery of several ships and aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle region certainly made anyone gripped. There also was believe a residing place of the Bermuda Triangle Devil but also was believe as a UFO base. This place was located between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan (Puerto Rico). The interesting story was the loss of all bomber squadrons in 1945 and the loss of several big ships. Strangely, not even one the body or aircraft ruins and the ship was found. Moreover several implements recorded an odd electromagnet wave in this place. Many people believe that this place was made for outer space creature base.

The sunken city Edinburgh, south Bridge that consist of the complicated underground network, rooms, ship tunnel, and the alley were wrapped in mystery and intrigue till now. This city was opened in 1788 but almost wasn't known its existence, until 1985 this city was found again. It was believe to be a place of life and death of thousands underground people.

Lizzie Borden B & B
The frightening axe killer in a Greek type house in Massachusett around 50 mile south Boston. This house was built in 1845 and murderer place of Abby and Andrew Borden with an axe by their own daughter, Lizzi. However Lizzi personally had not been proven as a murderer and free from charges. This case insoluble till now.

Under the old city of London there was a horror. This city was believe as cruelty witness with bones and scattered blood in the alley. London Ghost Street become the most creepiest place and become a special tour place followed by bloody foot step of a criminal legend Jack The Ripper.

New York
In New York city street for a long time become a strangest place. Usually this place was visited by two million or more New York inhabitants who wore a creepy costume. The other celebration agenda that was interesting to be visit was the celebration of the Ghoulish public holiday that include Halloween Extravaganza and Satanic Procession. St. John Divine the biggest Gothic Cathedral in New York also interesting to be visit.

Several people believe that aircraft ruins that fell in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was alien aircraft. And the Roswell incident is one controversy till now. The United States government hard efforts to cover the fact, made many sides sure that had something that was very important was hidden. Many were sure that Roswell was one historic place in phenomenon about UFO and "guests from outer space".

The Salem city kept a Salem tragedy story in 1692. In this year many people were tortured and killed because of being accuse as a witch although not having a proof. Every month in October, the local resident of Salem always celebrate a ghost party in several mystery places. One of them was Witch House, that was the eldest building in Salem and was the house of Jonathan Corwin, the judge who was responsible for the death of 19 women in Salem.

Savannah was the eldest old city in Georgia. This city was believe had the long history towards the violence and bloody tragedy during the revolution and civil war. Moreover this matter was also drawn from the resident building there that usually made for several centimeter on the land. There the visitor would ask to adventure in a Pirate House that was very famous for centuries. Moreover the Marshall House 1851 that was believe as a place to treated civil war casualties.

Stanley Hotel
This hotel was built in 1909 in Colorado mountains. This hotel was seen very impressive and have a very famous restaurant. However this hotel also kept a mystery. Like that was believe by the local resident that Freelan O. Stanley himself who is most often seen in the lobby and the Billiard Room, which was his favorite room when he was still alive. Flora Stanley purportedly haunts the hotel as well, continuing to entertain guests with her piano playing in the Music room. Moreover, there was a dark room at the fourth floor of the hotels, and from the 217 room were often seen a head of a king.

This city was famous because of the history of a vampire. This blood sucking monster was believe had controlled this city. Transylvania was also believe as a birth place of the world of darkness. The city that was located at the west of Romania become the house of Drakula. The Bran castle that was a Drakula castle in 14th Century also become an interesting place to visit. Around 20 mile from Brasov city, that was shadowed the Bucegi Mountain, there's a house that previously belonging to a prince of Romania that became a vampire.

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