Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dying Man Wins 5000 Pounds

A man who was suffering one of a deadly illnesses, won 5000 Pounds because betting himself will continue to live in June 2008.

Jon Matthews was diagnosed by the doctor suffered a meso-thelioma, a kind of lung cancer in April 2006 and usually only could survive for 25 months afterwards.

Moreover, in the last eight months, a doctor had informed Jon not make any plan in Christmas 2008 because his dying.

Jon continue to have high spirit and convince could stay alive. The man was 58 years old then made a bet for 100 pound in the William Hill bet house.

"This time last year I rang William Hill and they gave me odds of 50/1. The longest they knew of anyone surviving it after diagnosis was 25 months. But today is 25 months and a week," said Jon Matthews.

Jon said that he will contribute some money for the Macmillan cancer foundation. Apparently this man intend to do good deeds before death come ...

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