Friday, June 13, 2008

Anger = Less Serotonin

If lately you easily to angry, it could be you have less serotonin in your brain. Serotonin, that also was known as a hormone that controlled the mood. According to researchers in England serotonin played an important role in controlling emotion like aggressive behavior and anger.

Just like Molly Crockett said, a psychologist from Cambridge University in the Science Journal, serotonin thats also known as neurotransmitter dan usually become a target for an antidepressant medicine, it was believe could make someone to become aggressive if it level reduce.

The important role of serotonin in controlling impulse still controversial, however Crockett and her team claimed that their research was the first that prove there's a causality connection.

This research have help to revealed a mystery why someone became more aggressive and rage when hungry. In starving condition, amino acid essence reduce. Whereas, this amino acid needed for the body to produce serotonin.

Along the research, Crockett and her team use their knowledge to manipulate serotonin level to 20 healthy people. The participant asked to do a situational game to test their respond, is it fair or not in money bargain. The result that the participant who has low serotonin level more repulsive, even when cornered.

"It was a respond that controlled by anger," said Crockett.

This research according to Crockett at least could help the doctor to cure the patient with depression problem. The doctors could teach the patient how to control their emotion when making a decision, especially in a social situation.

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