Saturday, June 14, 2008

Easy Way To Relieve Stress

Just like a visitor, stress can come without invited, and can make us depressed. But if you know, stress can be controlled.

The harmony between your internal and external condition very important. Look back your life style all this time. Did your eating habit healthy and your life style was balance by mental and physic? Healthy eating habit can be start by not to drink caffeine, that can increase anxiety and stress. Forget about alcohol and nicotine, or at least reduce it.

Do a relaxation to reduce anxiety and stress. Respiration exercise can be an easy alternative to learn and can be done in the house or office. Room decorate in your house or office desk can be another alternative. Or, listen to soft music, for example rain drops and singing bird sound.

Meditation can make a calm feeling, so stress reduce. Meditation can also to control you emotion.

Don't keep problem for yourself. Discuss it with your family, friend, or an expert to get a solution. Joining a milist that related with your problem can help to an enlightment. Beside of that, just enjoy your life.

Change your way to think and behave. Don't think negative, try to think and act positive, also face your problem with open minded.

Financial Manage
Financial problem mostly become a stress cause. Manage your financial. For example, regular saving every month and have a reserve fund at least 3 month expenses. Shopping according to budget was important to do so wouldn't cause any problem in the future.

Ask for Help
If stress still haunt you and you have try all kind of things, you can ask help from an expert. Consult to a psychologist or psychiatrist to get the right treatment.

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