Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Erasable Paper

Everybody have know about paper, must need paper and use it. Paper was very important in our life, for school, work, or other. Moreover occasionally we use paper only for a moment, then throw it away, so there was many wastes of paper. This kind of paper, could be use again, although have being use.

With Go Green movement, apparently this Xerox creation could be pointed out the thumb. With the existence in reality with so many wastes of paper, and we often saw, we use paper only for a moment and afterwards throw it away.

Xerox, the company that was famous with photocopy machine create a paper that could remove personally a printed text on it in 24 hours, so the paper could be use again. This innovative product called Erasable Paper, and aimed for reducing the waste of paper.

Unfortunately, for the moment Erasable Paper could only remove text in black and white color. XEROX promise to continue to develop this paper so as to be able to remove all forms of printed type in the paper.

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