Saturday, June 7, 2008

Foolishness Of Love

People smile when they meet their mate, and cry when they lose them. It happens continuously, they smile once..then they cry..

I find a foolishness there. Life is too plain to spend just by crying and too short to spend by smiling at his mate.

Therefore, I try to change that destiny..I'm dreaming of a relation that SMILE and CRY because of happiness.

No trouble should be, even it be, it should be ended with SMILE, or at least CRY of pride.

For me, life is once..that i don't wanna spend just by CRYING and SMILING. I wanna spend it with a realization of my DREAM. I won't let the DREAM of my life be only a DREAM..yet I will make it COME TRUE one day.

My point of life isn't only SMILE and CRY, yet DREAMS coming TRUE fulfills my future. That's why, for the ONCE LIFE, i need an ALMIGHTY One to ERASE my CRY, ENHANCE my SMILE, and ANSWER my DREAM.

After walking through the long, long way of life, finally i find the ONE who people called AN ALMIGHTY. Yes, HE is JESUS.

Then i find my DREAM, in my ONCE LIFE, again i say, i won't spend it with only SMILE and CRY, yet i will spend it with a DREAM to, one day, meet HIM through walking on HIS way. I wish one day my DREAM will COME TRUE.

So, when people ask what the goal of my life is, i'd say :

My goal of my life is REACHING my DREAMS, to meet HIM one day, through the way of life, called ' SMILE and CRY'.

Finding mate, position, wealthy, are PARTS of my life, not GOALS of my life.

So, why do i keep showing like nothing is in my mind? Remember, the self you KNOW is different from the self i SHOW!

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