Monday, June 16, 2008

Histrionic Personality

A person with histrionic personality usually always make as much as attention for the sake of self satisfaction and comfort with many ways. A method that was so effective was to complain about health problem.

Generally histrionic personality was a smart person and with good verbalization so easy to manipulate people. A person will be convince with their illness and give nurtured, attention, and love they wanted.

Why did they use illness? Because our cultural environment enable people to take shelter behind an illness for the sake of affection, attention, and nurture. A sick person get the most special place in our heart, they could release responsibility without embarrassed, they could get fruit, lots of food, and free for a moment from prosecution.

Mrs. K was a smart person and have a high achievement ambition, but a tendency to force her desire was very extreme. Meaning that, when Mrs. K have a wish, she will make an effort as maximal as possible to achieve it, whatever the method.

Moreover, the needs for an attention and possessive attitude towards anything that she had. For example, if her husband have to go out of town, with hard efforts she always succeeded to get the ticket to finally could accompany her husband. Or when because of time urged and failed to get a ticket, Mrs. K will immediately suffer an illness so as to be impressed really suffered and powerless, asked her husband to stayed and canceled his departure.

Mrs. K have a histrionic personality disorder. The psychological and physical aspect was related tight and filled up at each other. Meaning that, when something happens in the psychological aspect, then the physical aspect affected or even the other way. The concern to left behind by her husband was a very influence stimulation towards the work of the psychophysiology function so the sweat glands become active and the mobilization of the nerves work of heart happened. Mrs. K was attack like the complaint above, sweating, heart beat increase, hard to breath, and powerless.

The psychophysiology disturbance was the effect of a psychological disturbance function by a strong wish could always be with her husband and a strong wish to cancel her husbands trip by showing this physical sign.

Mrs. K have a histrionic personality with a tendency to manipulate people around her to achieve satisfaction needs and more attention. With high intelligence, Mrs. K succeeded to perform a theatrical behavior. Being sick without a cause and maybe didn't realized by Mrs. K herself, but very beneficial because could force her husband to cancel the trip and accompany her.

  • Be in the picture of psychological dynamics that become the cause of Mrs. K illness.
  • Facilitated Mrs. K positive potential utilization, like her intelligence and perseverance in gaining work achievement.
  • Increase self confident and belief to her husband loyalty.
  • Make her realize that using an illness as weapon was not a mature and efficient solve of problem.

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