Saturday, June 28, 2008

Human Age

Have you ever think that human age initially only 25 years old. And in fact they created only to perform religious duties and playing.

But why human age can become longer? Could reach 65 to 75 years? And why human do other things than perform religious duties and playing?

Early first before creating a human, the Lord create the first creature called horse and have 50 years age, their task was to work hard to help the human.

But the horse protest. "It's don't fair, my 50 years of life only to work hard. I want to have lightness, I want to live only for 20 years." The Lord grant the horse wish.

Then the Lord create more creature, that is a monkey. This monkey have 20 years age and their task was to make human laugh.

The monkey also protest. "Ooooooooo Lord, I don't want for 20 years to make human laugh, this is a difficult task. Give me only 10 years to live." The Lord understand the monkey wish, then give the monkey 10 years lifetime.

Finally the Lord create an animal called dog. The dog assign to guard the human house and have 20 years age.

Just like the other creature before, the dog protest. And ask the Lord to reduce the age by half. And again the Lord grant the dog wish.

After the three animal created, it's the human turn to create. And the Lord give them 25 years lifetime and to have fun and to perform religious duties so the human didn't forget the Lord.

Given too short age to have fun, the human protest. "Lord, why was I only given 25 years lifetime? I want more time to have fun in this world." Then the Lord asked, "The other creature that I have created want their age to reduce, but why do you want your age to be extended?"

The human keep silent, then replied "Haven't you have reduce each 3 creature age? Why don't you give their age to me." The Lord think and finally grant the wish.

Finally the human have longer life. But because this age come from creatures who have their respective task. Then the human finally undergo the life like this :

  • Until the age of 25 : have fun
  • 25 to 55 : work hard (from the age of the horse)
  • 55 to 65 : made laugh other human, play with their grandchild and make them laugh (from the age of the monkey)
  • 65-75 : was to guard the house, could their own house or their children house (from the age of the dog)

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