Monday, June 9, 2008

Missing TITANIC Casualties Still Alive

Two Titanic casualties during 1912, suddenly emerge in a healthy and alive condition. Physically they did not change. The theory of time path answered it. The mystery incident that happen several years ago, and cause a commotion was the emergence of Titanic casualties that still alive.

The two lucky casualties are a female passenger who was found during 1990 and the captain during 1991. The captain was found on August 9 1991, a year after the founding of Wenny Kathe.

For years floating on the ocean, but didn't made him look old and weak, Captain Smith that although being 139 years old, but still apparently like who was 60 years old, and even he still regarded at that time was the Titanic incident periods on April 15 1912. Through finger identification that was kept in the sea voyage note, it makes sure that he was Captain Smith himself.

Another Titanic casualties was 29 years old Wenny Kathe that was rescued on a North Atlantic Ocean ice clump on September 24 1990. However that made startled since she lost during 1912 till now, wasn't seen old signs. The voyage office found the list of the Titanic passengers list and stressed out the authenticity of the identity. Smith and Wenny Kathe was a living witness who went through the time path.

Because they disappear and emerge mysteriously, then this was a very interesting attention by the crowd. The American scientist Ado Snandick believe, the human eyes could not see the existence of an object in other space, that's the existence objectivity of a time path.

In the history, a person, ships, aircraft that was lost mysteriously just like in the Bermuda Triangle, in fact was enter a mysterious time path.

In his investigation concerning the time path, John Buckally raise his hypothesis theory as follows.
First, objectivity of a time path existence was materialize, unseen, untouchable, was closed for the perishable world of the life of humankind, but not absolute, because occasionally it will open.
Second, the time path with the human world not a time system, there was the possibility back to a very far past, or enter the future, because in this time path, time could be a direction or the other way, could move straight also could turn over, and even could quiet froze.
Third, against this perishable world (our physical space) in the earth, if entering the time path, meant to be lost mysteriously, and if leaving the path, meaning that is to emerge again mysteriously. It was because the time path and the earth not a time system, and because of time could still froze, then although being lost for 3 years, 5 years, even 30 or 50 years, the time as same as like with one or a half day. In the Buddhist teaching there is a verse: "A day in heaven, but a thousands years in the earth", apparently had a deeply meaning.
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