Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Restrict Safari For Windows

Last Friday May 30, 2008 Microsoft ask for Windows XP and Windows Vista users to restrict the use of Safari from Apple. Why? This matter was because the bug that was met in Safari could attack Windows platform.

The report that was issued by Microsoft not because of browser rivalry, to reduce popularity from Safari, but to inform for the Windows user concerning the impact that could happen.

The Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) side issued a security report called "blended threat" that was caused by the combination of bug in Safari and security gap in Windows XP and Windows Vista that handled file that could execute in the desktop.

This matter could cause the file could be downloaded to the user machine automatically without notification, and enabled the file to be execute.

As for the action that it was recommend by Microsoft was to reduce the use of Safari as web browser until exact update available from Microsoft or Apple. Or when still wanted to use the Safari, Windows user could be recommend to change default download location from the Safari (default: Desktop).

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