Monday, June 23, 2008

Singing Wolf

A zoo in China planning to make a singing wolf to fame and become an idol. And planning to teach the wolf to dance.

Luo Yong, a zookeeper in Chongqing Wild Zoo, said that he accidentally found one of the wolves can sing.

“Once I was playing guitar and singing the song ‘I Am A Wolf From The North’, and a young wolf I raised walked up to me and stared at me. Suddenly he howled with the rhythm, and even patted the strings with his claw.” he said.

Luo said that ever since he dedicated himself to training his wolf group, and now all 30 wolves at the zoo can sing along to a rhythm.

"My next plan is to find someone to write a song just for them, and also to find people to teach them disco dancing," he added optimistically.

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