Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Virtual Campus

Class activity evidently not always carried out in a campus building. Currently, a university in United States testing lectures via Second Life, game online that put forward the virtual world accordance with the reality.

It was San Jose State University (SJSU) that initiatively built a virtual campus in Second Life. This virtual campus facilities thus resemble the reality.

"We experiment in Second Life for example to prepare the students to speak in public," said the professor Jeremy Kemp, one of the academics in SJSU. By creating a virtual spectators.

As many as 30 students have registered to take part in the professor lecture. These lectures will take place for 15 weeks in Second Life.

Respond to this innovation, the US educational practitioner, Jeff Seaman said that Second Life only one of the technology that could be use in the process of education. However the challenge was to make use of it with as effectively as possible.

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