Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weird Skull

In 1800's, from an old funeral near the Sayre city, Bradford County - Pennsylvania, a skeleton was found. It looks like a human skeleton but have a taller body. Beside its body size, there's also another peculiarity. There's a pair of horn on its forehead. It was estimated buried in 1200.

In 1888, seven skeleton in a sat position was found in a funeral near Clearwater, Minnesota. This creature have two row teeth, both on the upper jaw and lower jaw. Moreover, its forehead was more short and askew compare with the usual human skull.

In 1995, a researcher Robert Connolly published a photograph of a head skull that have a shape like a cone, found in Nazca, Peru. Its was estimated almost 10000 years old. The form of its head was different from a characteristics of a modern human skull and ancient Neanderthal human that indeed had never been found in South America. Robert Connolly also reported another strange skeleton discovery, that its form as same as modern human, except its skull more bigger in the upper part and a broad eye socket.

Karen Scheidt also reported a skeleton discovery with the skull form as same as found in a cave in Mexico. A strange skull was also found in a mining that was located near Chihuahua, Mexico in 1930. Its rear head widened and big eye socket. Estimated a children. At the end 1999, a DNA result test indicate that this skull was from a human kind.

In 1911, the mine workers who were carrying out an excavation to an area at a distance 22 mile south west of Lovelock , Nevada, unintentionally found a mummy like human with a giant body, with a few red hair left. According to the Paiute Indian there's an old legend that tell about a giant red hair human called The-te-cahs.

A strange skull also was reported found in Philippine lime mountain caves, like Bohol, Palaupau, Sumilio, Bukidnon and several places in Agusan. These skulls only have one eye socket in the forehead.

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