Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weird Weather

The weather we known not only spring, autumn, winter or summer. Beside from four normal seasons, evidently there is several weather in the world that unique and peculiar.

Ice Fall or Bomb
Have you ever felt in the middle of a big storm and suddenly hit by chunk of ice that fell from a storm cloud? Usually the size not more than a softball, but the biggest size was weighing 80 pound. Made people startle and destroyed in pieces when hit the ground.

That was more mysterious the giant ice chunk occasionally fell suddenly even there is no cloud in the sky. Several incidents were possibly recorded fell from an aircraft, but more that were unknown the cause.

St. Elmo Fires
During a lightning storm, many people reported saw fire balls, dancing on the ship, a long pole, cattle horns.

This small and sparkling ball was acknowledge as St. Elmo Fires. Static electric jump that happen during a lightning storm and strike a high object. This could happen before the lightning strike, so be better to stay away ...

Sprites, Jets and Elves
For years, the pilots reported saw a strange color light flash from the peak of a storm cloud, usually many that doubt, but now the scientist finds proof that this strange lightning really exist.

The red sprites was a red flash light that rise be as high as 50 mile above the earth, usually 2 or more. Their cousin was the blue jet, the bluish rays have a shape of a cone that locate in the lower atmosphere than the red sprites.

That happen at the same time with the red sprites was elves, had a shape like a red omelet that formed from lightning heat. The scientist still looking for its cause.

Whirlwinds of Fire
Although this one not as dangerous as the tornado, dust evil could looks scary. This whirlwind, was a small version from the tornado that formed from extreme head on the ground, and cause the air above to rise and cycle. This whirlwind will bring dusts, therefore was called dust evil.

Its relatives whose more horrifying were fire evil, that was formed from an extreme heat and forming a flaming fire whirlwind.

Sea Monster or Spinning Water
The Loch Ness monster perhaps only an active whirlpool. A small cyclone, usually called water devil, could be formed on a warm water, rise the water and formed some kind of channel on the water surface.

Water devil could cycle randomly, sometimes make a hiss sound and bubble. Its rustling sound plus a form like a long neck could give impression there is sea monster emerge for breakfast.

Blue Moon
Forest fire and mountain eruption could spray out ash and soot to the atmosphere where it will be mixed with water drop. This mixture carried by the wind thousands mile travel around the world and sometimes reflect the moon light and made it look bluish. It looks like scary but romantic huh ...

Seeing Triple
Although the weather is clear, sun so bright, the sky could give us a surprise, at least for the eyes. If the sun really close with the horizon and there is a Cirrus cloud, sometimes you could see three sun in the sky.

This mirage sun actually a clear color from the light point that was create by the sun and diverted by the crystal in the cloud. Eye view phenomenon but not always can be seen. Be careful when see the sun with your naked eyes, because it could cause blindness, moreover if there was three wuiii ....

The Sky Is Bleeding
Blood drip from the sky just like Hollywood horror movie? But the red dark rain was reported since the Ancient Rome. Although this rain horrified the people, this rain actually not blood.

This is cause by dust and sand that was blown to the atmosphere and was brought by the wind with a very far distance and finally mixed with the rain cloud and give color to the rain itself. In Europe this red rain usually was colored by dust that was brought across the continent from the Sahara sandstorm.

Other colored rain could happen because of other objects, pollen could make rain yellow, dust from the coalmine make rain black, in fact some dust could make milk white rain, yummyyy

Raining Fish and Frogs
From California to England to India, people periodically reported the existence of a strange rain. Raining small animals like fish, frog, snake and sometimes happen without being expected, and far from water area.

The tornado could carry out water, and anything available inside. A strong wind could bring this cargo to a long distance area. Thank heavens only fish and frog, what if a buffalo and a cow ....

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