Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Your Character

To know your or someone character or nature, so read this illustration below:

Supposing you stand in a middle of a crossroad and planning to continue your journey. When you look to the west, there's a tiger that ready to attack you if you dare to pass through. Then you look to the east, on that road there's a big snake that ready to devour and crush your bone.

To the north, there's an ocean but you don't see any boat, so you have to cross it with swimming. To the south, there's a big flaming fire that can engulf you to dust.

Which path will you choose? All path was dangerous, but if you don't continue your journey you will be starve to death. Now think about it, which path will you choose? From that option can determine your characteristic and nature.

The tiger road. Your character just like a tiger. Calm, quiet, harmless if you're not hungry. People that have a tiger characteristic can be a friend but you have to followed all their will, they can make other people hurt if couldn't make them happy.

The snake road. Your character just like a snake where your mind and thought was so complicated, that wanted to controls other. Please be aware with a person with this kind of characteristics.

The ocean road. Your character just like an ocean. Although looks weak, water can have a magnificent power. You can't tricked easily by other people and showed that you always try to find a solution for all of your problem. Your wish could be reach after through so many obstacle. You're a lucky guy if you have a friend with water characteristic because they're so helpful to others.

The fire road. Your character just like a fire that showed you're a strong will person, quick to act but easily to trust other. No wonder if other people can get hurt or loss because of your advice that came so sudden. So you have to be careful to say or act.

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