Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Sand Hotel

A first hotel in the world that was made from sand made in Dorset, England. Only needed 10 Pounds to spend a night there.

Need 1000 tons of sand and four sculptors that worked 14 hours a day for 7 days to make a structure of the hotel that was located in Weymouth beach.

The guests could sleep on a bed that was made from sand until rain destroy this building.

This building was made by a hotel company that wanted to celebrate the resurgence of coastal tourism, where the number of tourists increasingly day by day.

Mark Anderson, this sand hotel master mind said, "This was a building that looks like a biggest sand palace in England."

"The best thing from this hotel was when in the morning the high tide passed the door room, really a good ways to getting up in the morning ?"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Mysterious Tree In NALGONDA - Andra Pradesh - India

Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 Unsolve Biggest Mystery

Other theory said that human come from space. If being like it, then the question was it come from?

  1. The Human Creation:
    From where human come from? If we observe from the Bible and Holy Scripture, indeed very clear that God was the creator of human. But how is the creation process? Charles Darwin give a theory that human was an evolution from monkey. If its true then we will continue to evolve to a better creature. But the facts, already more than 2000 years, there was significant change in human. Was the evolution stop?
  2. Bimini Road
    Divers must have seen a form of footpath under the Bimini Island north sea in the Bahamas Island. Many have believe it was made by nature. However the arrangement of the road stone raise a further question because its too neat. Several experts considered the road of being part of the Atlantis City (like was written by Plato several centuries ago). But till today there is no any additional proof concerning the existence of the lost city. And the Bimini road still become a question. Was the road made by nature or human?
  3. Marfa Lights
    Known as “Ghost Lights”. First seen in 1880 on the west of the Marfa City, Texas. The light was described as big as a basketball, floating above the ground, or sometimes high in the air. Usually was white, yellow, orange, red, and sometimes blue or green. The balls usually fly over a certain area, afterward disappear. Till today, the light still often seen. There was no explanation, what in fact the light is.
  4. Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance
    Was known as American labor leader who was most influential in 1950 - 1960, Jimmy Hoffa was a figure that change the face of the world of American labor. On July 30 1975, Hoffa disappeared in the Detroit parking lot and had not been found again. One of the theories that was believed in was Hoffa was killed by Anthony Jack Giacalone, a New Jersey mafia leader. Hoffa body was mentioned buried under The Giants stadium, Detroit. Excavation carried out but Hoffa body was not found.
  5. Mothman
    Mothman was an urban legend that quite famous in Virginia. Most observers describe the Mothman as a winged man-sized creature with large reflective red eyes and large moth-like wings. The creature often appeared to have no head, with its eyes set into its chest. Till today, the police still receiving report concerning the Mothman sighting. Who is he? No one know. Generally, there is no report that someone was attacked by Mothman.
  6. Jack The Ripper
    A mysterious killer in 1888, the identity of Jack The Ripper till today still a mystery. His casualties were women allegedly earning income as prostitutes. The victim's throat was cut, after which the body was mutilated. The removal of internal organs from three of the victims led some officials at the time of the murders to propose that the killer possessed anatomical or surgical knowledge. Although already many books, film, and theory that were published, the identity of Jack The Ripper still a mystery and no single proof that could explain the identity.
  7. The Babushka Lady
    If you have seen the recorded video of President John F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas 1963, look at the right corner of the video. There was a woman wore a babushka headscarf (scarves worn by elderly Russian women or grandmothers) that appeared to record the incident. The woman believe in as a person who have an important role in solving the John F. Kennedy's murder case because she was really close during the incident. In the video, was seen that this woman held a camera, and record the incident. Strangely, the woman had not been found.
  8. Zodiac Killer
    One of the smartest killers that has not been arrested till today was Zodiac Killer. The Zodiac murdered five known victims in Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969. Four men and three women between the ages of 16 and 29 were targeted. Others have also been suspected to be Zodiac victims, albeit inconclusively. The lack of consensus about the number of victims, the inability of law enforcement to crack the ciphers, and the fact that several people have inconclusively been portrayed as "persons of interest" or possible suspects, has elicited this case's designation as a perfect crime. A month after the first murder, the killer sent a letter to the police and claimed himself as the Zodiac Killer, as well as challenge the police to arrest him. After the 7th murder, the Zodiac Killer suddenly vanished. Was he killed? And who is he in fact? There was no person that could explain.
  9. Ogopogo
    If the Loch Ness Lake creature called Nessy was a fake, then it different with Ogopogo. A creature resemble Nessy (long neck, big body, and have a head like a lizard) this was a mysterious creature who emerge in the Okanagan River, Canada. Many witnesses who succeed take a picture of this creature. However no one who succeed in capture it. A creature who also known as Naitaka currently become a Keilowa Garden mascot, Canada. Did Ogopogo really exist? Is it really a living prehistoric reptiles? There were no concrete proof that could explain its existence till today.
  10. Shag Harbour Incident
    Was a mysterious explosion incident that happened in the Shag Port, Nova Scotia, on October 4 1967. An object bashed the Shag Port at 11:20 PM, cause a big explosion. There were no casualties. Witnesses saw the object like a flying saucer. Not long afterward, the place was immediately closed. The Canadian military immediately arrived. In an instant, the place was cleaned and ruins were immediately carried. The incident apparently really was covered up. What in fact that happened? And till today, this mystery had not been revealed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

$1 Million For 7 Night

A hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates just launched a holiday package for 7 nights that cost $1 million US Dollar. The Emirates Palace that crowned as the first 7 star hotel in the world, offer this package for two people, including a first class plane ticket to come and go from any country.

The place measurement was 680 square meter with three suite rooms and a marble floor that adorned with gold. The expensive price we paid for including all food and drink in 13 bars and the available restaurant in this luxurious hotel.

Not to mention the experience to taste a private plane to Bahrain to dive for pearls and made it into jewelery, to Jordan for Dead Sea spa treatment and also visit Iran to made an exclusive Persian carpet that you designed personally. The Maybach car that cost $400 thousand complete with the driver, was ready to take anywhere you wanted. Interested?

News Lover Turtle

This is a one funny turtle. Every time this turtle hears a CCTV news cast at 19:00, she will step out from her tub and watched the TV. This turtle belongs to Liu Jie in Chongqing ,South China.

"Every time she hears the anchor voice, she will stop all her activities what ever she was doing and immediately crawl up and stick out her head," said Liu Jie.

Liu bought the turtle with a price for 8 Yuan (about $1,2) last year. He realised this turtle peculiarity when she always accompanied him when he watched the TV.

Liu brought another turtle as his pet playmate in May and now this new member always watched the news program with the first turtle.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

¥30,000 Movie Ticket

Watching a movie in a cinema while enjoying a glass of champagne certainly very pleasant. Moreover, if the seat was a soft and made in Italy. But, the price you must pay in order to enjoy the comfort and luxurious was not cheap.

It was Shinjuku Piccadilly, a new cinema that was opened on Saturday, July 19 2008, in Tokyo, Japan, that offer this service through a platinum package.

The price for a film reach ¥30,000 (for about $280). If you want to become a whole year member, it will cost ¥30 million (about $280,859).

"We starting to open ordering service yesterday (July 18) and has had several that ordered," said the Shinjuku Piccadilly spokesman. He was convince, although its price super expensive, the customers will be satisfied with a first class facilities that provided. Moreover, all the service was VIP quality.

The spokesman added, the VIP experience was instantly felt since the first time you arrived

"We provide a special entrance, personal escalator, and exclusive waiting room," he said.

For platinum room, each one was equipped by 10 screens that enabled the member to see the film scene from various corners and world class sound system.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Beatles Album Cover Mystery

For the Beatles fans possibly you have known this information, but I only wanted to share about the most controversial album cover throughout history.

In 1969, the Beatles made an album that actually was recorded in 1966. This album name was Abbey Road and was acknowledged as one of the best the Beatles albums.

But not so long after that spread a news that Paul McCartney has died. This conspiracy theory was begun when a caller named Tom call to a radio station and announce that Paul McCartney has died, and asked to play the Revolution No 9 song backward. Afterwards the DJ in radio station admitted heard a sentence “turn me on, dead man”.

Not long after that rumors spread that Paul's death clues was also on the album cover. According to the Beatles fans the clothes they put on were the clues. Begin from John Lennon clothes that was all white indicate as the Lord, following was Ringo Starr that put on a neat black coat and shiny shoes that indicate as a priest.

Thirdly, Paul McCartney wearing a coat but not wearing any shoes. In British culture a died person was buried with a neat coat and not wearing any shoes. Whereas the last was George, with the most casual clothes only wearing a jeans and an unofficial clothes, interpret as the cemetery excavator.

Moreover if you paid attention there's a car in the middle of the road behind there, its direction was straight with the position of Paul McCartney that acknowledge as Paul's death cause. On the left car colored white the plate number was 28 (at that time Paul was indeed 28 years old). On the right, there was a black car. That in the British culture was a hearse.

And this rumor spread all over the world and people trust this strange rumor. So many have wondered, whether its true or not still become a mystery. Because until now the official information about the cover of this album only its was doing unpurposely in front of Apple Recording (the Beatles record company)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spider With a Man's Face

You can believe it or not. A phenomenon and unique things often happen on this earth. For example, there is a spider with a face of man. This is not Spiderman, this is a real spider.

According to report, A man face spider previously had been found in Shandong, GuangXi, Zejiang, Henan, Sichuan, Mongolia, Shanghai, Xinjiang and other area, even so in Taiwan. These spider measurement was various from several millimeter to ten millimeter.

A man face spider or called Nephila Pilipes was classified as Tetragnathidae, this name was given because on its front chest there is a picture that resemble like a man face. These spider were spread in various areas all over Taiwan as far as the mountainous region. It like to build its nest between branches of tree and catch insects, the nest could reach several meter wide.

Some expert believe there are 3 possibility that trigger the phenomenon. First, a mutation from a normal spider; Two, possibly its a wound; Three, a spider sub-species.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Crowded Swimming Pool

I think this is the most crowded swimming pool i have ever saw. I don't know what drive so many people to swim in this Penglai swimming pool in Sichuan, China.

Possibly they want to have fun and be grateful after the earthquake disaster that struck one of the most densely populated areas in the world last May 2008.

Although there is no much room to move in this swimming pool, apparently joy and happiness still pictured from their faces.

This Penglai swimming pool was very popular in China for people who want to spend their holiday.

Sichuan currently begin to recover after being an earthquake that killed approximately 70 thousand lives. The government promote that Sichuan area currently is safe to be visited.

Monday, July 14, 2008

5 Years Old Blind Pianist Stirred Up The World

Hundred of spectators shed a tears while a girl played a piano. At that time her cute little finger perform Fur Elise, Beethoven masterpiece.

Yoo Ye-Eun, a Korean who just 5 years old was blind since born. Ye-Eun indeed an astonishing girl. In a pre-schoolers age she threw the world of music into turmoil.

Ye-Eun could play big composer masterpiece like Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, and the latest pop song. That more astonishing, Ye-Eun could master difficult classical music with ease. Only hear it once, she could played it perfectly.

You can find a few video about her or click here. A little girl with an amazing talent, i think this is a must see video.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mysterious Face In A Wood Chunk

An undertaker in United States found a picture of a mysterious face when cutting a wood chunk.

Ernest Ward afterward brought this wood to a local newspaper office, the Daily Times in Maryville, Tennessee.

The man then informed the reporter that he and his men found this wood when cleaning the local funeral called Magnolia.

Ernest added that according to the workers in the funeral, the mysterious face that emerge in this wood was a spirit.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't Brush Your Teeth After Eating

Don't brush your teeth after eating especially for children. According to the experts although this matter was contrary from an advice we get since childhood.

The acid substance we get from food and drink made the teeth layer soften and brush the teeth will damaging this soft layer.

"The best was to wait for a moment after eating or even brush your teeth before eating," said professor Jimmy Steele that analyze the brushing teeth after eating survey phenomenon.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Unique Facts About World Cities

In reality many cities in the world have a very special uniqueness. Want to know?

  1. A city with the most inhabitants in the world was Tokyo that it was estimated had 33 million inhabitants. Whereas New York and Sao Paulo occupy the 2nd and 3rd place with a number of their respective inhabitants reach 17 million.

  2. Mount Isa
  3. A city with the widest territory was Mount Isa that was located in west Queensland sea, Australia. It reach almost 41 thousand square kilometer with a city highway 189 km long that was the longest city highway in the world.

  4. Hum City
    Did you know the smallest city in the world, both in the city measurement and the number of the inhabitants? Its the Hum City that was located in Croatia with 23 people inhabitants. This old city was established in 1102 and called Cholm, and the building architecture like the middle ages.
  5. Believe it or not, that the oldest city and the youngest city in the world was in the same territory area. The proof was the oldest city in the world was the Jericho city (in Arabian called Ariha) that was estimate more than 10 thousand years old. Whereas the youngest city in the world was Tel Aviv city, that was approximately 80 years old. And both cities was in the Middle East territory.
  6. Beside as the oldest city in the world, Jericho also considered as the city with the lowest mainland in the world. This city was 260 meter (853 feet) below the sea level. And the city with the highest mainland was held by the Potosi city in Bolivia, that have a height for 4100 meter (13.500 feet) above sea level. This city was also maintained by the UNESCO as the world inheritance that must be protected.

  7. Hong Kong
    Hong Kong was the city with a nickname as the tallest city in the world, because it have more than 7,500 skyscraper buildings more that the New York city.
  8. Do you know, that the first city with 1 million inhabitants were Rome, Italy, in 133 BC? The number of inhabitants in London, England reached 1 million in 1810, and New York City, New York in USA reached it in 1875. Currently there are more than 300 cities in the world with inhabitants more than 1 million people.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Drink Soda

Be careful. If you feels stress, be better to avoid consuming a drink that contain soda.

A study from American Journal of Public Health found that someone that consume 20 ounce of soda each day, was three times experience depression and restless than a person who did not drink soda completely.

So, if you felt you were depress or stress, be better to consume low fat yoghurt because it contain lysine, that could help calmed your blood vessels.


Relationships are like a bird.

If you catch it tightly, it will die.

If you catch it loosely, it will fly.

But if u catch affectionately, it will remain with you forever.

Extinct Beetle Found Alive

A Capricorn Beetle that had been extinct since the beginning of 18th century, was found alive in Gloucestershire City street, England.

A beetle with 3.5 centimeter long and 6 centimeter antennae was found by a pedestrian and afterward brought to Butterfly Fram in Warwickshire area.

A spokesman from Butterfly Farm said, "The experts were surprise how an extinct beetle could be found in the street."

The rare beetle treated by the Butterfly Farm with several other insects.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Transparent Canoe

With this transparent canoe the holiday with your couple definitely will be more romantic. Imagine, canoeing in the middle of a lake and enjoy scenery under it.

This canoe guarantee more lighter than the wood or aluminium canoe. Its strong because being made using a polycarbonate material that normally used to make bullet proof glasses. Its price $1475 if you interested.

Animal Hair Style

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Smallest Waist In The World

Can you imagine a mature human with a 38.1 cm waist diameter? Cathie Jung is the one.

A woman who lived in the United States that currently 71 years old was a world record-holder for the smallest waist human. Imagine, the measurement of Cathie waist almost equal with a bottle of mayonnaise.

This mother of three children small waist was because she always wear corset, every day for 24 hours since 1983, even when she sleep. The only time Cathie wear it off was she bathe.

Beside from having a predicate of the smallest waist, Cathie was also known as the queen of corset because of so many corset she owned.

"Possibly I have approximately 100 corsets in the cupboard.", said Cathie Jung.

If you always wear corset like that it's possible that you would having a health problem, just like what my older post describe. So don't do this at home !!!


S : Sets u free,
M : Makes u special,
I : Increases ur face value,
L : Lifts up ur spirits,
E : Erases all ur tensions,

So, please keep smiling.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Elementary School In The Age Of 73

There is no to late to study. This expression depict what Saeng Sa-ngawong do. In her old age, she pursue her dream to be able to read and write.

This 73 years old grandmother go to Wat Dong Pa Miang school, Chiang Rai, Muang district, Thailand.

Actually, when she eight years old, Saeng went to school. But only for a month because her parents did not have money to buy school uniform.

So, Saeng not embarrassed to gather with her little friends. In the class, she do like other student do. For example, write in Thai letter and pronounced it correctly.

Moreover, last June 19, Saeng that sat in 2nd grade also join a special ritual to honor the teachers. In fact, most of the teachers were far more younger than her.

During this procession, a 6th grade student gave her a bunch of flower and candle. When she registered last November, the teacher and student welcomed her enthusiastically.

The difference with Saeng and other student was only the uniforms that worn and the seat that was far more bigger than the other student. His classmates greeted Saeng with the grandmother term.

"Grandmother always give us dessert," said Natapong Manowan, 8 years old, one of Saeng classmates.

Natapong sometimes become a private teacher for Saeng. Saeng indeed only learn Thai language. When other student studied other subject, she studied to read and write.

"But, grandmother also do a school activity, including cleaning the class," said Wiparat Chumanong, the teacher in the class.

According to Chumanong, Saeng become a role model and give positive influence for other student. Because, she showed a hard and polite worker character.

Saeng realize that she attract attention because not like any other student who use bag to go to school, she use a basket. Inside of it she put her textbook, lunch, medicine for her high blood pressure and balsam.

"I don't care about what people say. I only wanted to learn to read and write Thai. I wanted to understand the Pali language," said Saeng. Pali was an Indian language that was use in Buddhist book and prayers.

The other reason, Saeng did not want to be lonely. Since her husband died, Saeng was alone in the house because her children have married and stayed with their respective family.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happiest Country In The World

Denmark was the happiest country in the world, according to World Value Survey that was published by the National Science Foundation of United States.

This annual study surveyed the citizen in 97 countries to find the happiest citizen. The survey asked about two simple questions about the happiness and life satisfaction level.

Puerto Rico and Columbia in the second and third place in the list. Zimbabwe was in the last place.

The study was led by professor Ronald Inglehart from Michigan University. He said was different from the other research, that measured based on the economic factor, the research that he did found prosperity not the only cause of happiness.

"Our research indicate prosperity related with happiness, but not the most important factor. Personal freedom more important, and freedom in all matters. The freedom of politics, like democracy and the freedom chose," he said.

The whole world was happier, according to the survey, that was carried in 1981.

Dr Inglehart said equality between a man and woman was also the indication of happiness, the same things with social tolerance that increase. He said that the two factors rose dramatically in several years later.

The richest country in the world, United States, was in the 16th place in the happiest country list, behind Switzerland, Canada and Sweden.

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Gratitude

Today I want to say thank you to all my blog visitor, because without you guys my blog can not be alive and become a piece of junk on the internet.

I hope my blog can help you to fun or get a little information. I hope that you guys can be often to visit my blog and thanks for your support. Just be often to visit my blog it was a great support for me to keep on blogging.

Sorry i'm no good with words.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Longest Hair

A hair along 4.65 meter? You maybe wondering what is it looks like, and who's the owner?

Sukhdev Baba Shanti, a Shadu or a holy man in Hindu religion in India is the owner of this 4.65 meter long hair.

He showed his long hair the Kamakhya temple in Guahati, India in the Ambubasi festival that took place from June 23 to last June 25, 2008.

Thousands of his followers from all over India came to this festival and give respect to Sukhdev.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Giant Crab

A diver can't believe what he see when adventuring in 160 feet depth Dorset waters, England. A giant size crab appear in front of him.

Worried to wounded with it giant size claws, Paul Worsley decided to place this crab in a bag and take it to surface.

"I can't believe my eyes when I fount the crab", said Paul Worsley.

With 7.7 kilogram weight and 30.5 cm wide and a pair of claw as big as a men palm, this crab was believe by the experts as the biggest eatable crab.

The previous record held by a crab that become the d'Histoire Naturelle national museum collection in Paris, with 27.9 centimeter wide.

Unfortunately, the giant crab could not be displayed in any museum because a friend of Paul ate it. To bad huh .........

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

White Wine Car

Apparently Prince Charles try to save the earth. He change his Aston Martin car fuel with white wine.

Prince Charles DB6 Volante Aston Martin was a gift from Queen Elizabeth II in his 21 birthday in 1970. It was completely apart to make it environmental friendly car.

Now, this luxurious car use bioethanol from the white wine extract that cost 1,10 Pounds per liter.

This fuel 10% more efficient that gasoline. Moreover the car speed increase from 150mph to 165mph after the changes.

Prince Charles exhibited his car on the Monday June 30,2008 yesterday.

Lets Eat Spinach

A Tulane University School of Public Health research in New Orleans, United States, mentioned eat a cup of spinach every day avoid from heart attack. Spinach contain folic acid and can protect the heart from stroke.

Folic acid in a half cup of spinach, could reduce stroke by 20% and heart attack by 13%. This research was carried out for 20 years to 9,764 men and women.

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