Sunday, July 20, 2008

¥30,000 Movie Ticket

Watching a movie in a cinema while enjoying a glass of champagne certainly very pleasant. Moreover, if the seat was a soft and made in Italy. But, the price you must pay in order to enjoy the comfort and luxurious was not cheap.

It was Shinjuku Piccadilly, a new cinema that was opened on Saturday, July 19 2008, in Tokyo, Japan, that offer this service through a platinum package.

The price for a film reach ¥30,000 (for about $280). If you want to become a whole year member, it will cost ¥30 million (about $280,859).

"We starting to open ordering service yesterday (July 18) and has had several that ordered," said the Shinjuku Piccadilly spokesman. He was convince, although its price super expensive, the customers will be satisfied with a first class facilities that provided. Moreover, all the service was VIP quality.

The spokesman added, the VIP experience was instantly felt since the first time you arrived

"We provide a special entrance, personal escalator, and exclusive waiting room," he said.

For platinum room, each one was equipped by 10 screens that enabled the member to see the film scene from various corners and world class sound system.

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