Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Beatles Album Cover Mystery

For the Beatles fans possibly you have known this information, but I only wanted to share about the most controversial album cover throughout history.

In 1969, the Beatles made an album that actually was recorded in 1966. This album name was Abbey Road and was acknowledged as one of the best the Beatles albums.

But not so long after that spread a news that Paul McCartney has died. This conspiracy theory was begun when a caller named Tom call to a radio station and announce that Paul McCartney has died, and asked to play the Revolution No 9 song backward. Afterwards the DJ in radio station admitted heard a sentence “turn me on, dead man”.

Not long after that rumors spread that Paul's death clues was also on the album cover. According to the Beatles fans the clothes they put on were the clues. Begin from John Lennon clothes that was all white indicate as the Lord, following was Ringo Starr that put on a neat black coat and shiny shoes that indicate as a priest.

Thirdly, Paul McCartney wearing a coat but not wearing any shoes. In British culture a died person was buried with a neat coat and not wearing any shoes. Whereas the last was George, with the most casual clothes only wearing a jeans and an unofficial clothes, interpret as the cemetery excavator.

Moreover if you paid attention there's a car in the middle of the road behind there, its direction was straight with the position of Paul McCartney that acknowledge as Paul's death cause. On the left car colored white the plate number was 28 (at that time Paul was indeed 28 years old). On the right, there was a black car. That in the British culture was a hearse.

And this rumor spread all over the world and people trust this strange rumor. So many have wondered, whether its true or not still become a mystery. Because until now the official information about the cover of this album only its was doing unpurposely in front of Apple Recording (the Beatles record company)

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