Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Giant Crab

A diver can't believe what he see when adventuring in 160 feet depth Dorset waters, England. A giant size crab appear in front of him.

Worried to wounded with it giant size claws, Paul Worsley decided to place this crab in a bag and take it to surface.

"I can't believe my eyes when I fount the crab", said Paul Worsley.

With 7.7 kilogram weight and 30.5 cm wide and a pair of claw as big as a men palm, this crab was believe by the experts as the biggest eatable crab.

The previous record held by a crab that become the d'Histoire Naturelle national museum collection in Paris, with 27.9 centimeter wide.

Unfortunately, the giant crab could not be displayed in any museum because a friend of Paul ate it. To bad huh .........

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