Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Smallest Waist In The World

Can you imagine a mature human with a 38.1 cm waist diameter? Cathie Jung is the one.

A woman who lived in the United States that currently 71 years old was a world record-holder for the smallest waist human. Imagine, the measurement of Cathie waist almost equal with a bottle of mayonnaise.

This mother of three children small waist was because she always wear corset, every day for 24 hours since 1983, even when she sleep. The only time Cathie wear it off was she bathe.

Beside from having a predicate of the smallest waist, Cathie was also known as the queen of corset because of so many corset she owned.

"Possibly I have approximately 100 corsets in the cupboard.", said Cathie Jung.

If you always wear corset like that it's possible that you would having a health problem, just like what my older post describe. So don't do this at home !!!

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