Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spider With a Man's Face

You can believe it or not. A phenomenon and unique things often happen on this earth. For example, there is a spider with a face of man. This is not Spiderman, this is a real spider.

According to report, A man face spider previously had been found in Shandong, GuangXi, Zejiang, Henan, Sichuan, Mongolia, Shanghai, Xinjiang and other area, even so in Taiwan. These spider measurement was various from several millimeter to ten millimeter.

A man face spider or called Nephila Pilipes was classified as Tetragnathidae, this name was given because on its front chest there is a picture that resemble like a man face. These spider were spread in various areas all over Taiwan as far as the mountainous region. It like to build its nest between branches of tree and catch insects, the nest could reach several meter wide.

Some expert believe there are 3 possibility that trigger the phenomenon. First, a mutation from a normal spider; Two, possibly its a wound; Three, a spider sub-species.

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