Sunday, August 31, 2008

Have Return To Earth

It's been awhile since I updated my blog. Because for two weeks i have isolated from the outside world and have to inpatient in the hospital.

The doctor said that i suffer lungs infection and a digestive problem. It's so boring in the hospital just sleep and eat. Can't go out from my room and no internet connection.

But i'm okay now. But still have to drink some medicine and tried to catch up the latest unique information and news for all my reader.

Thanks to be my loyal reader.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Upside Down Fish

A gold fish usually become a pet to decorate the house. But this one was different, this fish could attract attention of the tourists.

Apparently a gold fish named Aussie swim upside down since the last four years. According to the experts, a fish that occupied an aquarium in a pub that was located in Lympstone, England swam like this because he had a problem with his bladder.

Liam Matthews, the owner of the pub that bought Aussie in an animal shop in 2004, claimed that his pet made his business to advance with so many tourists who wanted to see it.

"When I bought Aussie, he swam normally. But six months afterwards he began to swim upside down", said Liam Matthews.

"He could swim quickly and apparently always healthy." Everyone here knew Aussie, he already like a legend. Many people came only to see him, he was very interesting especially for children, continued the 53 years old man.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Winged Cat

It's impossible a cat can have wings!!! But apparently it can. Because a cat in China have a pair of wing on its back.

An old lady named Feng that lived in Xianyang City, ShaanXi province, China, have a very special cat. This male cat have a pair of wing that covered with fur on his back. Just like a bird wings, when you touch it you can feel the bone inside. Each wing have 10 cm length.

"In the beginning formed two clumps on the back, afterwards grew quickly and formed a pair of wing in one month", old lady Feng explained.

According to her, these wings began to emerge after her cat was tempted by female cat. 1 month before many female cat tempted her cat and afterwards the wings starting to grow.

According to the experts, this phenomenon happen only because of a gen mutation. The wings did not cause a difficulty for the cat to undergo his normal life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Upside Down House

A house that build upside down in Trassenheideon, an area in Usedom Island, Germany was in a finishing stage and will open for public at the end of this coming August 2008.

Not only the house that build upside down, all the furniture in it too. This house cost for 400 thousand Euro.

A project with a name 'Die Welt steht Kopf' (The World On Its Head) according to plan will be use for an exhibition place and the area around the house will be made to exhibit other weird architectural object.

Before, an upside down house just like this was built in Poland last 2007. A house that designed by Daniel Czapiewski succeeded to attract local and foreign tourists, that was willing to queue for several hours to be able to enter this house.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Favourite Color Reflect Your Sex Behaviour

Look to your wardrobe. Is it really most of your clothes was blue or red? How with your couple favourite color? Is it true there is a connection between your favourite color with your sex behaviour? According to the experts its possibly. Please compare it with your own experience personally, is it true or not?

You're a type that stimulate easily and enjoy sex with a way that hard to imagine. Once your lust flared, need hours to put it out.

Suggestion : find someone who also love red.

As a person who love this color, you love erotic sexual fantasy. For you, sex activity is a dramatic game, where you hold a major role.

Suggestion : foreplay very important for you, almost the same like sex itself. Look for a couple who also like the sex process, not only the results.

You're a type that like and also hate sex. That's why, there's a moments when you not enjoy it.

Suggestion : find a couple that can give a stimulation for you.

You're a fresh, innocent, and almost not know anything about sex. You also polite and gentle.

Suggestion : i hope you're lucky to get a couple that also like green, so you don't get fooled.

You're a one of few very arousing people. Full of attention and sensitive, strong, and really passionate, was a normal response you give. The game of love you made as an art that will not be forgotten.

Suggestion : when you get married, your couple is a very lucky person.

You often think that you too sophisticated for a wild sex game.

Suggestion : think about sex satisfaction compare with the appearance. Not only for you, but also for your couple.

You are not mature enough to have sex. You only like the fun and flirting part. If it get serious, you prefer to run away.

Suggestion : learn to become more mature.

You're warm, deep, and so sensitive. Your couple need and passion was very important for you. As a brown lover, "I Love You" seldom said, because you prefer to show it just like your true love passion.

Suggestion : you like in love feeling, till you forget how hot love is if it end.

You were classified as a saint, you even think that sex is dirty. When you do it, you would make sure it was a clean sex, and take a bath before and after it.

Suggestion : a little spontaneous and dirty could live up your life.

A very surprising color selection. You're hard to decide do you like sex or not. You in fact often not mood in pleasure and sex passion.

Suggestion : not to practical, enjoy sex.

Is it true that you like an uncommon thing in sex?

Suggestion : there's no other way, find a couple that also like black.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Testicle Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant that located in Beijing, China indeed really unique and weird, because this GuoLiZhuang restaurant expertise serve various testicle and penis menu for health.

In Beijing itself there had been 4 branches restaurant and overseas their respective branch one in Atlanta and one in Georgia, in Chinatown. Want to know what kind of menu that was served?

There are 30 kinds of animal penis in the menu. For example an Ox penis that can increase fertility and served in a shape like an interesting star. Or a Yak penis that served with a dragon.

Usually for the Ox and dog penis served in one big plate. To eat it you can dip it into soy or hot sauce. For women, was believed good for skin.

For the Chinese, eating an animal testicle can restore libido. In this GuoLiZhuang restaurant, the customer can also order a deer or sheep embryo. Interested to have a taste?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monkey Face Pig

While the other pig sold like hot cakes in the market, but this one wasn't because all the buyer frighten with it unusual appearance.

This small pig in the Fengzhang village, China really made people that see it stunned because it have a pig body but its lip was thin with small nose and two big eyeballs similar to a monkey.

This little animal front leg was shorter than the back, so it can hardly walk.

A farmer named Feng Chang Lin said, "Its really creepy." No one want to buy it, the animal in fact made other people frightened.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fish Pedicure

There's a new pedicure technique that was enjoyed by the Japanese, China, Turki and Croatia, that is fish pedicure.

This pedicure technique really carried out with the help of garra rufa fish or usually called as doctor fish. This small fish will help eliminate dead skin by nibble away thick and hard skin.

It's not difficult. Customers immerse their feet in warm water filled with tiny, voracious carp for approximately 30 minutes and the small fish will make your feet skin more softer.

Don't want to be left behind with these countries, a salon in Virginia, United States took part in using this technique. The results, not for long since its opened already around 5000 customers that drop by at Yvonne's Hair and Nail Salon to try it.

The customers paid $50 for 30 minutes treatment.

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