Sunday, August 10, 2008

Favourite Color Reflect Your Sex Behaviour

Look to your wardrobe. Is it really most of your clothes was blue or red? How with your couple favourite color? Is it true there is a connection between your favourite color with your sex behaviour? According to the experts its possibly. Please compare it with your own experience personally, is it true or not?

You're a type that stimulate easily and enjoy sex with a way that hard to imagine. Once your lust flared, need hours to put it out.

Suggestion : find someone who also love red.

As a person who love this color, you love erotic sexual fantasy. For you, sex activity is a dramatic game, where you hold a major role.

Suggestion : foreplay very important for you, almost the same like sex itself. Look for a couple who also like the sex process, not only the results.

You're a type that like and also hate sex. That's why, there's a moments when you not enjoy it.

Suggestion : find a couple that can give a stimulation for you.

You're a fresh, innocent, and almost not know anything about sex. You also polite and gentle.

Suggestion : i hope you're lucky to get a couple that also like green, so you don't get fooled.

You're a one of few very arousing people. Full of attention and sensitive, strong, and really passionate, was a normal response you give. The game of love you made as an art that will not be forgotten.

Suggestion : when you get married, your couple is a very lucky person.

You often think that you too sophisticated for a wild sex game.

Suggestion : think about sex satisfaction compare with the appearance. Not only for you, but also for your couple.

You are not mature enough to have sex. You only like the fun and flirting part. If it get serious, you prefer to run away.

Suggestion : learn to become more mature.

You're warm, deep, and so sensitive. Your couple need and passion was very important for you. As a brown lover, "I Love You" seldom said, because you prefer to show it just like your true love passion.

Suggestion : you like in love feeling, till you forget how hot love is if it end.

You were classified as a saint, you even think that sex is dirty. When you do it, you would make sure it was a clean sex, and take a bath before and after it.

Suggestion : a little spontaneous and dirty could live up your life.

A very surprising color selection. You're hard to decide do you like sex or not. You in fact often not mood in pleasure and sex passion.

Suggestion : not to practical, enjoy sex.

Is it true that you like an uncommon thing in sex?

Suggestion : there's no other way, find a couple that also like black.

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