Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Testicle Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant that located in Beijing, China indeed really unique and weird, because this GuoLiZhuang restaurant expertise serve various testicle and penis menu for health.

In Beijing itself there had been 4 branches restaurant and overseas their respective branch one in Atlanta and one in Georgia, in Chinatown. Want to know what kind of menu that was served?

There are 30 kinds of animal penis in the menu. For example an Ox penis that can increase fertility and served in a shape like an interesting star. Or a Yak penis that served with a dragon.

Usually for the Ox and dog penis served in one big plate. To eat it you can dip it into soy or hot sauce. For women, was believed good for skin.

For the Chinese, eating an animal testicle can restore libido. In this GuoLiZhuang restaurant, the customer can also order a deer or sheep embryo. Interested to have a taste?

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