Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Upside Down Fish

A gold fish usually become a pet to decorate the house. But this one was different, this fish could attract attention of the tourists.

Apparently a gold fish named Aussie swim upside down since the last four years. According to the experts, a fish that occupied an aquarium in a pub that was located in Lympstone, England swam like this because he had a problem with his bladder.

Liam Matthews, the owner of the pub that bought Aussie in an animal shop in 2004, claimed that his pet made his business to advance with so many tourists who wanted to see it.

"When I bought Aussie, he swam normally. But six months afterwards he began to swim upside down", said Liam Matthews.

"He could swim quickly and apparently always healthy." Everyone here knew Aussie, he already like a legend. Many people came only to see him, he was very interesting especially for children, continued the 53 years old man.

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