Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Winged Cat

It's impossible a cat can have wings!!! But apparently it can. Because a cat in China have a pair of wing on its back.

An old lady named Feng that lived in Xianyang City, ShaanXi province, China, have a very special cat. This male cat have a pair of wing that covered with fur on his back. Just like a bird wings, when you touch it you can feel the bone inside. Each wing have 10 cm length.

"In the beginning formed two clumps on the back, afterwards grew quickly and formed a pair of wing in one month", old lady Feng explained.

According to her, these wings began to emerge after her cat was tempted by female cat. 1 month before many female cat tempted her cat and afterwards the wings starting to grow.

According to the experts, this phenomenon happen only because of a gen mutation. The wings did not cause a difficulty for the cat to undergo his normal life.

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