Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poisoned Milk and Its Effect

This is important!!!!

How to avoid poisoned milk?
Watched the news, the news always update and actual. No one can tell us spesifics what kind of food we can and can't eat.

Because this problem so serious.

  1. What exactly a poisoned milk?

    Melamine usually used for ceramics plate and furniture just like picture bellow, and its not eatable
  2. Why can it be mixed with the milk?
    Powder milk made from cow milk, the most important from milk was protein, melamine was look alike a powder milk and if it mixed with powder milk can reduce the cost. Is this picture look alike a powder milk to you? Its tasteless so untraceable.
  3. When was it detected?
    In 2007, american cat and dog and foods from China was detected and contaminate with this kind of material. And in 2008, kidney stones disease in Chinese babies increased.

    In August 2008 San Lu milk brand was tested and contaminate with melamine.
    In September 2008, New Zealand government ask the Chinese government to solve this problem.
    In September,21 2008, in Taiwan there was so many product that contaminate with melamine.
  4. What kind of effect if it eaten?
    It will flow and stop in your kidney, become a stone, and block you kidney. It's so painful, anyone with kidney stone can't urinate and the kidney become swallowed. Even if we can operate and remove the kidney stone, the kidney already injured and we lost our kidney function, to stay survive we must kidney wash, if not we could died because of the urine poison. What is kidney wash? It similar to blood wash, which to cleanse the all the blood in our body, flow it out and processes with some kind of machine and flow it back to the body.

    The process can take 4 hours. For a critical patient need to wash 3 times a day, till the end of your age.
    The babies can be so serious because their kidney was small and babies food only milk so kidney become worse more faster.
  5. Poisoned Brand

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Dog That Never Gives Up

This dog was a superstar. He has showed in so many TV show, including Oprah Winfrey Show. Born with physical defect, without 2 front feet, and the owner concerned about the dog defect. Because this dog was estimated will not live long and was difficult to adapt. But the dog and the owner not surrendered, patiently the owner taught the dog how to walk. After through a very difficult the process, full of patience, the dog succeeded to walk only with two feet. Just like a human walk.

Really inspired, my little brother. Thank you for your coming into this world, to give us confidence, inspiration. Thank you. Doggie.

say hello to his little friend

a little consultation wont hurt

our little superstar

Source: www.yauhui.net

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Courageous Monkey

A picture series of a courageous monkey that tried to save her child.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Temple Tiger

The tigers that was raised by the monks was so tame and not attack human. These tigers in the monastery were very friendly and also have a bigger and strong body than a normal tigers.

These tigers stayed in a monastery region in Thailand. It was started in the beginning 1999, a mother of the tiger was shot dead by the hunter and left the small cubs. Because of compassion, these tiger cubs were brought and treated in the monastery.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Giant Cat Fish

A scientist who was researching a giant cat fish in a river in India, Nepal border was startled with his findings. They found the giant cat fish eating a human carcass and could attack a person that was nearby.

The fish weighed 73 kilogram and long almost 2 meter. The scientist who was led by Jeremy Wade named this fish Goonch. According to the locals this mysterious fish hid in the river for years.

“The locals said to me that this monster developed into a giant's cat fish after eating a burnt person's body. If you threw food to them this fish will grow,” said Wade, a biological. Wade denied that opinion that the cause of the deliberate loss of the bodies of the person's carcass that was placed at the side of the river was the crocodile.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How To Made a Garden

The presence of a garden in your house could create a calm atmosphere and the special freshness. And its said that flower can also bring a good mood for you. Various flower that were organized neatly could also produce a beauty mosaic. This will of course have a positive impact for its occupants.

A garden was a house accessories. A pretty and unique design would increasingly made its occupants to always stayed at home. Made and designed a garden in the house in fact was not too difficult. Only, this must be matched with the condition and the area of the available house.

Apart from making use of the land surplus, you could also use one of the rooms in the house. But this only if you don't have anymore space around the house. If you want to made a garden in the house paid attention to a few matters below.
  1. Adapt the number of flower with the available land. To know how many flower that needed to fill the land, the formula that was used was wide of the land divided by the diameter of the seed. For example, if the area of the land that was available 1.000 square centimetre, whereas diameter the prospective flower 25 centimetre, then the number of seeds that was needed was 40.
  2. If not having a land that could be made for garden, then chose one of the corners of the room to make the garden. But, this only for a temporary garden and not permanent. You could choose the corner of the living room, lounge room, or any other room.
  3. Choose a flower that suite with the situation and condition for the available land. If the garden was outside the room, where the sunlight could be free, chose the appropriate flower. Several flowers could be choose for this kind of garden. But if the garden was in a room, chose a flower that was suitable in the room (indoor plant). Choose varying flower measurement. Organize the flower according to its measurement so as to create the beautiful and interest feeling.
  4. For the garden that was outside the room before being planted the land was stirred or turned over. So that wild grass and weeds could die to its root.
  5. To create more beauty value, you could supplement it with garden accessories. For example, using a garden light with various pretty and interesting designs.
For a starter gardener it must be hard to choose what kind of flower that suite for your garden. But maybe we can find some reference on the internet.

For a great garden design and maybe a few tips about what kind of flower combination for your garden and some garden accessories you could visit a Wiki place for gardening. Its a fine recommendation I found and a total inspire for me. Its quite complete from a list of flower, garden accessories, and even an equipment to help you made to your dream garden.

I hope this help you to create your dream garden. Happy Gardening !!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10 Happiest Parents Moment

The parents role is a unique struggle, and only a little moment in live that was comparable with happiness, just like I will describe below.

Their Child Birth
For many couples, birth was a frightening matter, but each couple will continue to face it. And when this matter was successful to passed through although in a very difficult way, finally that beautiful experience bestowed an appreciation of life. That was really a miracle. However, the mothers body have fulfilled a task better than that could be carried out by whatever company: planning and afterward launched a new product only in nine months. Without a budget plan, presentation or even a marketing plan.

First Time Went Out The House
Before a baby is brought outside the house usually they was covered with tight blanket, wears a hat, put into a basket, and afterward put into a baby's carriage. Full of worried often again and again check the baby's condition before asked them to go for a walk. The baby's carriage afterward pushed slowly around the neighborhood and only in a warm weather. And when arrived in the house, were grateful that the baby have come home safely. This perhaps like a success that was not significant, but with this experience confident improving. Since that time many matters possibly to be done with the baby.

The Child Said "Father" or "Mother"
Moments like this, a Father and Mother felt the biggest happiness in their heart.

First Step
Yes!!! It was an astonishing matter and how passionate the parents saw their little child began their first step.

Family Eating Time
Parents was very happy when eating together and gather with their children. For a super busy, tried minimal a week to sat and ate together, while telling about your life. The parents always become a good listeners. Believe me.

Playing Time
When a parents playing with their child its like in a time machine. We moved from game to game, play with dolls, hide and seek. Playing with our child will generate our childhood memory, a feeling that for a long time has been forgotten. Every time we played to made the building with Lego, dressed like a princess, or other game, we will find a creative idea, that in the world of an adult possibly we can't think of. Usually we will felt hard to play together with our child after work, without must think about our work deadline, but just once if we succeeded in releasing our thoughts, then we can enjoy moments with our child and feel like want it to forever.

Hugs and Kisses
Perhaps a kiss on the cheeks when our child slept. Or a warm hugs before departing to the office than afterward a hug and kisses back from our child. Our child hugs will felt generating our vitality, like a coffee mix with sugar that we drunk in the morning. The compassion expression possibly will decrease with our child get older.

A Child Is Our Reflection
Our child possibly had a sense of humor that was inherited from us, so they could entertain our sad couple. Really good because our child did not inherit our weakness that could not improve the difference that would crack our relations.

Found A New Hobby
Children introduce us a matters that had not been thought by us that is so pleasant. Before having a child, for example we never knew a construction toy equipment. Now we could know a heavy machine from the long distance while we traveled in a high speed and we felt very passionate about that. If we in fact did not like sport, we could be startled that evidently our child could become a basketball team. If our musical sense was bad, possibly our child could become an important role in musical performance at school. That was certain our children widened our world, made it to become a pleasant place.

Graduation Day
Is it a graduation in kindergarten, elementary school, high school, university, etc, that day our child formally underwent from one level to the level of following education. Although this matter was very exhilirating, but really be a relief like passing a small burden. Our deep concern about our child's capacity was replaced by pleasure that overflowed about their future. But also pride for our hard work with our couple who succeeded in investing education to them starting from knowing the alphabet up to pass the scholar.

The Child Found Their Life Partner
These moments, the parents will felt relieved. Their burden seem like to be released, because their child have found their way of life.

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