Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10 Happiest Parents Moment

The parents role is a unique struggle, and only a little moment in live that was comparable with happiness, just like I will describe below.

Their Child Birth
For many couples, birth was a frightening matter, but each couple will continue to face it. And when this matter was successful to passed through although in a very difficult way, finally that beautiful experience bestowed an appreciation of life. That was really a miracle. However, the mothers body have fulfilled a task better than that could be carried out by whatever company: planning and afterward launched a new product only in nine months. Without a budget plan, presentation or even a marketing plan.

First Time Went Out The House
Before a baby is brought outside the house usually they was covered with tight blanket, wears a hat, put into a basket, and afterward put into a baby's carriage. Full of worried often again and again check the baby's condition before asked them to go for a walk. The baby's carriage afterward pushed slowly around the neighborhood and only in a warm weather. And when arrived in the house, were grateful that the baby have come home safely. This perhaps like a success that was not significant, but with this experience confident improving. Since that time many matters possibly to be done with the baby.

The Child Said "Father" or "Mother"
Moments like this, a Father and Mother felt the biggest happiness in their heart.

First Step
Yes!!! It was an astonishing matter and how passionate the parents saw their little child began their first step.

Family Eating Time
Parents was very happy when eating together and gather with their children. For a super busy, tried minimal a week to sat and ate together, while telling about your life. The parents always become a good listeners. Believe me.

Playing Time
When a parents playing with their child its like in a time machine. We moved from game to game, play with dolls, hide and seek. Playing with our child will generate our childhood memory, a feeling that for a long time has been forgotten. Every time we played to made the building with Lego, dressed like a princess, or other game, we will find a creative idea, that in the world of an adult possibly we can't think of. Usually we will felt hard to play together with our child after work, without must think about our work deadline, but just once if we succeeded in releasing our thoughts, then we can enjoy moments with our child and feel like want it to forever.

Hugs and Kisses
Perhaps a kiss on the cheeks when our child slept. Or a warm hugs before departing to the office than afterward a hug and kisses back from our child. Our child hugs will felt generating our vitality, like a coffee mix with sugar that we drunk in the morning. The compassion expression possibly will decrease with our child get older.

A Child Is Our Reflection
Our child possibly had a sense of humor that was inherited from us, so they could entertain our sad couple. Really good because our child did not inherit our weakness that could not improve the difference that would crack our relations.

Found A New Hobby
Children introduce us a matters that had not been thought by us that is so pleasant. Before having a child, for example we never knew a construction toy equipment. Now we could know a heavy machine from the long distance while we traveled in a high speed and we felt very passionate about that. If we in fact did not like sport, we could be startled that evidently our child could become a basketball team. If our musical sense was bad, possibly our child could become an important role in musical performance at school. That was certain our children widened our world, made it to become a pleasant place.

Graduation Day
Is it a graduation in kindergarten, elementary school, high school, university, etc, that day our child formally underwent from one level to the level of following education. Although this matter was very exhilirating, but really be a relief like passing a small burden. Our deep concern about our child's capacity was replaced by pleasure that overflowed about their future. But also pride for our hard work with our couple who succeeded in investing education to them starting from knowing the alphabet up to pass the scholar.

The Child Found Their Life Partner
These moments, the parents will felt relieved. Their burden seem like to be released, because their child have found their way of life.

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