Thursday, October 9, 2008

How To Made a Garden

The presence of a garden in your house could create a calm atmosphere and the special freshness. And its said that flower can also bring a good mood for you. Various flower that were organized neatly could also produce a beauty mosaic. This will of course have a positive impact for its occupants.

A garden was a house accessories. A pretty and unique design would increasingly made its occupants to always stayed at home. Made and designed a garden in the house in fact was not too difficult. Only, this must be matched with the condition and the area of the available house.

Apart from making use of the land surplus, you could also use one of the rooms in the house. But this only if you don't have anymore space around the house. If you want to made a garden in the house paid attention to a few matters below.
  1. Adapt the number of flower with the available land. To know how many flower that needed to fill the land, the formula that was used was wide of the land divided by the diameter of the seed. For example, if the area of the land that was available 1.000 square centimetre, whereas diameter the prospective flower 25 centimetre, then the number of seeds that was needed was 40.
  2. If not having a land that could be made for garden, then chose one of the corners of the room to make the garden. But, this only for a temporary garden and not permanent. You could choose the corner of the living room, lounge room, or any other room.
  3. Choose a flower that suite with the situation and condition for the available land. If the garden was outside the room, where the sunlight could be free, chose the appropriate flower. Several flowers could be choose for this kind of garden. But if the garden was in a room, chose a flower that was suitable in the room (indoor plant). Choose varying flower measurement. Organize the flower according to its measurement so as to create the beautiful and interest feeling.
  4. For the garden that was outside the room before being planted the land was stirred or turned over. So that wild grass and weeds could die to its root.
  5. To create more beauty value, you could supplement it with garden accessories. For example, using a garden light with various pretty and interesting designs.
For a starter gardener it must be hard to choose what kind of flower that suite for your garden. But maybe we can find some reference on the internet.

For a great garden design and maybe a few tips about what kind of flower combination for your garden and some garden accessories you could visit a Wiki place for gardening. Its a fine recommendation I found and a total inspire for me. Its quite complete from a list of flower, garden accessories, and even an equipment to help you made to your dream garden.

I hope this help you to create your dream garden. Happy Gardening !!!

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jeanekennethsalvosa said...

hi glad i found this site.. thanks for the tips continue what you done guys :)

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