Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poisoned Milk and Its Effect

This is important!!!!

How to avoid poisoned milk?
Watched the news, the news always update and actual. No one can tell us spesifics what kind of food we can and can't eat.

Because this problem so serious.

  1. What exactly a poisoned milk?

    Melamine usually used for ceramics plate and furniture just like picture bellow, and its not eatable
  2. Why can it be mixed with the milk?
    Powder milk made from cow milk, the most important from milk was protein, melamine was look alike a powder milk and if it mixed with powder milk can reduce the cost. Is this picture look alike a powder milk to you? Its tasteless so untraceable.
  3. When was it detected?
    In 2007, american cat and dog and foods from China was detected and contaminate with this kind of material. And in 2008, kidney stones disease in Chinese babies increased.

    In August 2008 San Lu milk brand was tested and contaminate with melamine.
    In September 2008, New Zealand government ask the Chinese government to solve this problem.
    In September,21 2008, in Taiwan there was so many product that contaminate with melamine.
  4. What kind of effect if it eaten?
    It will flow and stop in your kidney, become a stone, and block you kidney. It's so painful, anyone with kidney stone can't urinate and the kidney become swallowed. Even if we can operate and remove the kidney stone, the kidney already injured and we lost our kidney function, to stay survive we must kidney wash, if not we could died because of the urine poison. What is kidney wash? It similar to blood wash, which to cleanse the all the blood in our body, flow it out and processes with some kind of machine and flow it back to the body.

    The process can take 4 hours. For a critical patient need to wash 3 times a day, till the end of your age.
    The babies can be so serious because their kidney was small and babies food only milk so kidney become worse more faster.
  5. Poisoned Brand

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