Monday, November 3, 2008

The Blue Rose

Can you imagine a rose with a blue color? It must be beautiful and tempted. Rose is the most beautiful flower in the world (for me though), but now it comes with a blue color, you got to have one of these.

In an annual fair, in Flower Expo Makuhari Messe di Chiba, Japan. This flower was exhibited. The blue rose, become a mystery and very rare. Rumor said that to produce this kind of flower needed years researches.

But the blue petal that's produce still not blue enough, but can be said that this is successful. Because in the last research it always failed.

After researching for 13 years The Suntory Company that came from Japan co-operated with Florigene Company from Australia succeeded in developing this flower. From a dreams could become a realization.

The researchers from the two companies took delphinindin gene from petunia flower. This gene that produced the blue color. Further work on the rose using RNAi technology to depress the production of cyanidin produced a mauve colored flower, with only trace amounts of cyanidin.

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