Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Stop To Do Good Deeds

Once upon a time there's a poor boy who sold cookie from door to door. He was so hungry but he only have several penny in his pocket.

This boy decided to ask for food from the next house. But the boy lost his courage when a young woman who opened the door. The boy finally not asked for food, he only dare to ask for a glass of water.

This young woman saw and think that this boy definitely hungry, because of that she brought a big glass of milk. The boy drank it slowly, and afterward asked, "How much I must pay for this big glass of milk?" The woman answered: "You don't have to pay anything". "Our mother taught to not accept payment for good deeds" the woman added. The boy afterward finished his milk and said"From inside of my heart I was grateful to you."

So many years have past, this young woman was very ill and critical. The doctors in the city wasn't able to cure her. They finally send her to the big city, where a specialist doctor who could handle this rare illness. Dr. Howard Kelly was called to carry out the inspection. At the time he heard the name of the origin city of this woman, gushing out a strange glimmer in Dr. Kelly's eyes. Immediately he rose and hurried to descend through the hospital hall, to the woman's room.

At once he recognized the woman in first glance. He went back to the consultations room and decided to carry out his best efforts to rescued woman's life. From that day, he always give special attention to the woman.

After through a long struggle, finally Dr.Kelly achieve victory. The woman recovered. Dr. Kelly asked the hospital financial department to send all the medical expenses and the bill to him for an agreement.

Dr. Kelly saw it, and wrote something on the bill upper corner, and afterward sent it to the woman's room. The woman was frightened to open the bill, she really convinced that she can not pay this bill although she must pay it for all her life.

Finally she encourage herself to read the bill, and saw something interesting on the bill upper corner. She read the note. It was written "Paid full with a big glass of milk, signed Dr Howard Kelly." The tears of happiness flooded her eyes. She prayed "Lord, thank you, your love filled all the earth through the human heart and hands"

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1 comment:

sunny said...

whatta nice story..iv read a lot of stories like this but it never ceases to gimme goosebumps......what goes around comes around....

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