Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flying Car Generation

Technology always developed from time to time and become more advance to help facilitate human to do their job. Just like this one gadget to ease people to travel from one place to another without being caught in a traffic.

Many have said that to flight a helicopter was so difficult. But the assumption could be skimmed, because a helicopter was designed in such ways to looks like a car.

How to drive it was the same just like driving a car. A helicopter that was more like a car was called the Moller M4000. The Moller M4000 Skycar consisted of 4 seats. However this seat could not be folded.

The Moller could fly 600 foot high with a 1200 kilometer distance. This helicopter indeed was designed as simple as possible. Because its simplicity you can fly it with ease.

Its also more easy to flight compared with another helicopter type. The helicopter initiators also gave one more superiority. The fuel that was used to undertake The Moller more frugal compared with Land Rover or Porche.

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