Monday, November 17, 2008

Unconditional Love

Five years of my marriage with Ellen was really a difficult time. Each day more and more no harmony between us. We fought because of trivial matters. Because Ellen late to opened the fence when I came home from work. Because of the table in the lounge room corner that she bought without discussed it with me, for me it only waste money.

Today, on August 27 was Ellen's birthday. We quarreled this morning because Ellen late to wake me up. I was annoyed and not a single word to wished her happy birthday, and don't kiss on his brow that normally I do in her birthday. At night about 7 PM, Ellen already 3 times contacted me to ask me to come home early and ate dinner with her, of course I ignored it.

It's 10 PM, I tidy up my table and get ready to go home. Rain descend very swift, has been late at night but the road still is congested, I was really annoyed by this situation. Imagining to come home and meet Ellen made me increasingly annoyed! Finally I've arrived at home at 12 AM, 2 hours trip from work to home that usually I only needed 1 hour.

I see Ellen asleep in the lounge room sofa. I stopped in front of her for a moment and gazed at her face. “She's really beautiful”, I said. I took a breath and left, i remembered that i was very annoyed with her.

I entered the room. On my wife vanity table I saw a book, a thick chocolate book that belongs to my wife. For years Ellen wrote her life story in that chocolate book. Since before married, she never permitted me to read it. This is it! I don't care about Ellen, I reach that chocolate book and opened its page by page randomly.

February 4, 1996
Thanks God for your most valuable gift for me, Vincent, my first boyfriend who will become my last boyfriend.

Hmm. I smiled, Ellen was convinced that I who will become her husband.

September 6, 2001
By coincidence I see Vincent ate dinner with another woman and laughed intimately. Lord, I hope that Vincent still be mine.

My heart feels like to stop...

October 23, 2001
I found a gratitude letter for Vincent, for the lovely candle light dinner on a birthday of a woman named Melly. Who is she Lord?

My heart really feels like to stop. Melly, a woman that close with me when my relations with Ellen reached 5 years. Melly, that consequently I almost wanted to sever my relations with Ellen. I decide not to meet with Melly again after close with her for 4 months, and decided to stay loyal to Ellen. I really don't know that Ellen knew my relations with Melly.

January 4, 2002
I was approached by a woman named Melly, she insulted me and said that Vincent was cheat on me. Lord, gave me the strength.

How possibly that Ellen was as strong as that, she had not said anything or cried in front of me after knowing that i cheated on her. I knew Melly, she must have made Ellen's really hurts with sharp words. I'm breathless, I was unable to imagined what Ellen felt at that time.

February 14, 2002
Vincent propose me in our sixth engage celebration. Oooo Lord what should I do? Please give me a sign what answer i have to give.

February 14, 2003.
A very fantastic Sunday, I became Mrs. Alexander Vincent William. Thank you Lord!

July 18, 2005
Our first dispute as a family. I hoped I will not make the tea too sweet anymore. Lord, helped me so that I can be more careful made a tea for my husband.

April 7, 2006.
Vincent mad at me, I fell asleep when he came home from work so he was waiting in front of the house for hours. All day long I was at the mall looking for Vincent's favorite watch, I want to buy the watch for his birthday that remained 2 days more. Lord, gave peacefulness in Vincent's heart so that he was not angry with me anymore, I will not sleep in the afternoon again if Vincent haven't come home yet although I was tired.

I began to cry, Ellen tried to make me happy but I mad at her without wanting to listen for her explanation. The watch was my favorite watch that I used until today, I not realize that she bought it with great difficulty.

November 15, 2007
Vincent needed a table to place coffee in the lounge room, he liked to read in that corner. Lord, helped me saved some money so that I could buy a table, a Christmas gift for Vincent

I could hold my tears anymore, Ellen never said that the table was a Christmas gift for me. Yes, she indeed bought it in Christmas eve and placed it the same day in the corner. I could not open the following page. Ellen really was given a strength from the Lord to love me unconditional. I went out of the room, I kissed Ellen's brow and she woke up. Forgive me Ellen, I Loved You, Happy Birthday.

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